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Size Of The Brain

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The British Astsociation For the Advancement of Science at i te animal meeting took up among other things th stady of the struoture of hnman beings. It comments on the manner in whioh the hnman auatomy is pot together in order to give grace and freedom of action. These peculiarities are to a great extent wanting in the krwer animáis. The marked superiority of the hand over the fore paw of any creature il dwelt upon. The brain comes in for special etndy. It is said that the brains of boys weigh more at their birth than those of girls and that men of great intellectual power have braius that weigli 55 or 60 ounces, white brains of imbéciles may not weigh over 30 ounces. While this may be and probably is trne, the question arises as to whether quantity is the thing to be sought after in the brain. Many of onr intellectnal giants have been exceedingly small men, with heads that could by no possibility oontain a 60 ounce brain. We live far above the level where power, ability and greatness can be measnred with a pocket rule, a tapeline or a pair oí acales. Cuality so lar outranks quantity that it is not to be mentioned in the same connection. By ingenuity, deftness and forethotight aman may perfonn prodigies of labor without the exereise of as much muscle as other men would employ in doing a tithe of the work. It would be interesfcing if the British association would give us the exact size, weight, etc, of the brains of noted individuals by name. Generaliza tion is very well, but there are a great many thinking persons who would like to know how many men have brains that ■weigh 60 onnces.


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