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Boston's Clerical Romany

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"I have it on the authority of William Dean Howells and other eminent Bostonians that there ia in the capital of Massachusetts a certain clergyman of widespread fame who, unknown ■ to the world at large, is a Romany. Every Bunimer this reverend gentleman cannot resist joining soine gypsy band and roaming from place to place as his kindred have done since within the memory of man. Little do the good man's conjregation dream that, while they pic;ure him as sedately jonrneying abroad, ie is sitting beside gypsy campfires and chattering the wild Romany tongne, to all intenta and purposes a vagrant. But, as Mr. Howells pointed ont, none ever ïeard it said that this preacher preached any the worse for his wild, free lif e over oad and prairie. Indeed the increased vigor and eloquence of his serrnons immediately after each successive annual vacation' have long been niatters of


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