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Retarding Peach Bud Opening

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The Missouri Experimental Station reporta suocess in retarding the opening of fruit buds on peaob trees by " whitening, " the experimenta extending over two years. It is done by spraying the trees with whitewasb, the first spraying beiug done about the last of Deceinbet, with three subseqnent sprayings to keep the trees thoroughly coated nntil spring. The wbitewash vpas composed of four parta water, one part skimmed milk, aud enoogh freshly slaked lime to make the mixture as thick a wash as oould be pumped throngh a Bordeaux mixture spray nozzle without clogging. The oost ia ten cents per tree. The whitened buds reniained dormant until April, while unproteoted buds swelled duriug warm days late iu February and early in March. About 80 per oent of the whitened huds passed throngh the winter safely, while only 20 per cent of the unwhitened bnds es caped winter killing.


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