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The December term of the circuit conrt opened Monday morning, Jodge E. D. Kione presidiog. There ate 65 cases od the docket bat it is not expected that the term will be a very long ooe. Monday was spent in disposing of motions and making assignments of cases. The several oases of Chas. R. Sloat, Peter J. Lehman and Wm. Klein vs. the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Thomas Snay vs. Thomas Birkett, John N. W. Smith vs. Caleb Eaton, tbe appeals of Charles Webb and E. R. Doane from orders of the probate judge disallowing tbeir claims against the estáte of Caroline Feathers, Wm. E. Bell vs. Charles Rinebart, and James L. Skinner vs. Gilbert A. Watkins were continued. The appeal case of William M. Bowdish vs. Addison C. Collins was settled. In the case of Alexander C. McClurg vs. George L. Jdoore and William W. Wetmore, judgment against the defendauts was entered. All tbe criminal cases except tfaat of be Peope vs. C. Lincoln MoGnire ere ontinued. In tbe latter case the jndge rdered a plea of not gnilty to be enered. In tbe case of tbe People vs. Wm. Stiegelruaier, the defendant gave reoognizance of f500 with J. Fred Hoelzle as snrety. In the People vs. Clarenoe J. Cbander, and the People vs. Casper JRinsey, defendants pleaded not gnilty. In the People va. Lonis Kurtz for violation cf be liqnorlaw, defendant pleaded gnilty and was let off on payinent of the costs S7.ii. ; The case of John Dalgleish ve. , jecoa Smith, was a snit to recover wages amonnting to $81. The j-ury íeurned a verdict for the amount claimed. Tbe tables were tben tnrned and Rebecca Smith sued John Dalgleisb. for f 100, tbe valae of a horse it was olaimed Dalgleish had injnred tbrough negligence. Dalgleish admitted injuring the horse, but denied tbat it was done tbrough negligence and showed that it was done in the service of the plaintiff. The jury brought in a verdict of no canse of aotion. The case of Joseph H. Peck vs. Job A. Marshall was dismissed by order of tbe conrt, a solioitor's fee of $25 being allowed the defendant. It is understood tbe parties oompromised the oase. Peok paying Marshall $2.00. Tbe case grew out of Boheniian oat transaotions of years ago. Wednesday the case of D. E. Lang vs. Christian Helber was nonsnited on acoonnt of the failure of the plaintiff toappear; tbe oase of Peter Weinett vs. Eden B. Dennis was dismissed by consent without oosts to either party. The oase of Joseph E. Gage vs. Townsbip of Pittsfield, a damage snit for injuries received by complainant throngh being tbrown from a wagon by reason of defectiva roads has been on trial since Wednesday morning.