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The Saline telepbone exohange is in full workiug order. Road soraper agents are plentifnl aronnd the conntry tbese days. The five chnrohes in Salem townsbip are discuesing a unión Sunday school teaohers' meeting. Mooreville L. O. T. M. had a pleasant social at the home of Mrs. Phillips Wednesday evening. Richard Pierne, formerly telegraph operator at Milan, has gone to California for his health's sake. Mahlon Griffin, of North Lake, who recently went to California, has secured a position for the winter there. Miss Katie Brnestle and Mr. Jacob Lehman, of Sharon, were married Nov. 24, at Francisco by Rev. Wildi. John Perry and family, of Salera, have moved to Mio, Ocsoda county, having traded plaoeB with a Mr. Marsh. Orson Beeman, of Waterloo, has sold his interest in tbe mili to his partner, Mr. Rummel, and purchased the John Corman farm. Geo. J. Nissly, of Saline, has bought a large number of turkeys in Bridgewater, which are to be shipped from there next Monday. Messrs. Avery, Eppler, Beasley and Payne, of Chelsea,brought back 16 deer from the north woods as an evidence of their prowess as hunters. Tbp North Lake minister received $14 as tbe resalí of a birtbday social held at the home of Mr. and Mre. B. S. Whalian the other evening. Mrs, Betsey E. Arnold, of Chelsea, died Nov. 26, aged 74 years. The funeral was held Nov. 28, from the home of her daughter Mrs. Arthur Congdon. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Stang, of Saline, celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary Nov. 27 among a party of 50 frieods, who remembered them with many bandsome presents. A división of the Knighfcs of the Loyal Guard bas been institnted at Hamburg with 31 charter inembers and 35 applioations to work on. Major George G. Winans is its captain general. A daughter of Charles H. Gould, of Whittaker, was standing by the stove at schooi the other day when her dress caught fire, blazed up and burned her hair. It was extinguished before sha was fnrther injnred. Rev. Fatber Rosswinkel, the distingnished .Tesuit, who is attracting great and favorable attention in Detroio by his Sanday eveniug lectures.will praach the sermons during the Forty Hours Adoration, wbich will begin in St. Mary's church, Chelsea, next Sunday morniag. The Lima Grange met at Irving Storms' yesterday. Tbe Ypsilanti poultry show will ooine off Dec. 30-81 and Jan. 1. Freo Groes, of Dexter, bas moved on Williatu Stockiag's farin in Lima. The Dexter Eleotrio Liglit and Power Co. expeats to start up with 200 lights. The Holzhauer Cornet Band, of Dexter, had HBcouples at itsThauksgiving danoe and uetted $25. A Snnday school convention is to b held at the M. E. chnrch, Hamburg, nest Sonday evening. The swm of $80 was realized froru the St. Mary's chnrch supper and mosioale at Chelsea, Nov. 24. Tbe ladies of Dexter have organizad a woman's society to assist in rais'ing the soldiers' monument fnnd. Fifty Simmocolon oolts were shipped to Chicago Saturday, froiu Ypsilaiiti, to be sold at Splan's sale Weduesday. Bridgewater haa 305 chilrden of school age. Distriot lío. 3 leads with 52 and distriot No. 9 bas the least, 18. Bethel chorch, iu Freedom, raised $35 iu cash and a large amonnt of provisions for the orphans' home in Detroit. One hnndred of the old friends of M. Clinton, of North Lake, tnined out the other day and heipad iiiin raise a large bato. Cavanaogh Lake bas frozen over and oie boatingenrhnsiasts are casting longing eyes in that diieotion. - Chelsea Standard. Dwigbt Smith, of the firin of Smith Bros., cf Jaokson, died Monday, Mov. 226. He was at one time a business man in Dexter. Mrs. Elizabeth Hompbreys, of Chelsea, aged 80, feil the other day and bioke her hip. On aocoant of her great age ber reoovery is doubtful. Biohaid Webb, an old pioneer who reoently died at North Lake, left three sons and six daughters, all of whom are married aud living oa farms. Throngh her attorneys A. F. and F. M. Freeman, Mrs. Ed. Kief, of Manchester, haa applied to the oircuit court for a divorce from her husband. County School Commissioner Lister bas been tbe speaker at a conple of flag raisings in the district schools of the oounty tbe past couple of weeks. Peter Neiss, of Freedom, recently sold 43 Shropshire lambs of his own raising, that averaged 91 á pounds per head, to Joseph Lowery, of water. Mr. T. L. Dcdge, of Anisden, III., and Miss Cora Westfall. of Ypsilauti, were niarried Thnrsday eveniüg of last week at tbe Occidental hotel, Ypsilanti, by Rav. E. W. Ryan. Rev. Henry Stonex, of Brighton, has aocepted a oall from St. James' Episcopal chorch, Dexter, to act aa its rector. He will take uharge Jan. 1, 1898. He is tbe eldest son of the late lector. Mra. Huida Jarreudt, nee Pieper, of Ypsilanti, died Nor. 27, aged 46 years and 22 days. She was bom in Stalph, Prussia. Her busband, August Jarreodt and tbree children snrvive her. Mrs. Roberts, mother of Charles H. Roberts, of Pittsfield, died Monday morniog aged 76 years from a stroke of paralysis. It was the third stroke she bad snstained. Miss Jennie Eckler, formerly a resident of Manchester, aDd Mr. Viotor Hawkins, of Jonesville. were roarried in Jaoksoa, by Rev. R. B. Baloom, Wednesday of last week. Mrs. Sally Snmner Parsons, widow of the late R. W. Parsons, formerly of Saline, died at her home in Wayne Nov. 26, aged 75 years, and was bnried Nov. 28, in the Saline oemetery beside her hnsband. Charles Gauntlett, of Milán, has disposed of bis interest in the giocery firm of Ganutlett & Hitchcook, whioh be purohased six weeks ago, to E. A. Fairington, and the new firrn name will be Hitohoock & Fairington. The post office employees oonnted tbe etters tbat were bandled at tbeObelsea office Monday, the natnber being 1,230, of which 691 were received and 545 disjatohed. Tbe coant on Monday one week before resnlted in the same total. - Chelsea Standard. Prof. P. R. and Mrs. Cleary, two of ;beir ohildren and Miss Betbel, their domestic, had a narrow escape fiom deatn by milk poisouing last Friday, oansed by eating whipped cream. All of them veere very sick, bat the timely assiBtance of a physician pulled rheru throagb all right. A Ohristian Endeavor Sooiety bas jeen formed in connection witb the Milán Presbyterian cburch, whioh has a meuibersbip of 50 and is officered as ollows: President, Misa Claia M. Sayra; lst vice president, Mrs. Mina Smith ; 2d vice president, Miss Belle Tripp; secretary, Miss Calista Palmer treasurer, Cassins Butler. The York township Sanday School Association, anxiliary to the Washtenaw Connty Association, has been organied by the adoption of a constitntion and the eleotioii of the following officers : A. B. Smith president, tbe saperintendents of the sohools in Mooreville vice presidents, Mrs. H. A. Holcoinb treasnrer, and Mrs. Jj. G. Gooding secretary. Speaking of the coldness of the rooms in tbe Milan high school last week, the correspondent to the Leader says: It is difficult to snit the "Eayrs" so tbafc the "Rice" will not be scorched, the "Snowball" inelted, the "Lillie" cbiiled, or the "Campbell" wilted. The oold has been so intense that we have even known the "Bell" to quiver. At, the next cold "Wave" we fear that we Bhall have to dispense with tbe "Hack" and take up with some other meaus of conveyance. To prevent our getting "Krause" tbe janitor had better "Pnllen" more wood and warm up tbe rccme. The Ypsilanti botter factory is giving lts patrons excellent satist'action. The Willis Ladies' Aid Society holds its auunal fair at the chnroh this eiening. The New State Telephone Co. has its poles set ready for the wire, between Plymonth aDd Sulem. The Walker aud Peebles' huntiug party frotu Salem captnred foor deer during their huot in Oscoda connty Sbeep killing dogs have been ravag ing the flocks of ïpsilanti townsbip farmers. Evidence obtaiued seerus to indícate that the canines are owried in the city. Nfiwton E. Crittenden, of Ypsilanti bad a brood sow stolen f rom bis iielc recently. And now, he is curious to kuow why the fellow was uot hog enough to steal the other sows thai were in the field at the time. B. D. Kelly, of Ypsilanti, bas re tnrned from a trip to Nebraska aud is enthnsiaetic over the methods of sheep raising in that state. Farms situated along the Platte river are selling for more per acre thao farms in Washtenaw oounty. The Willis oorrespondent of the Ypsilantian aays: "Fraternity Grange ai its last sessioQ had for a topio 'Wbat 1 know abont the Agricltnral College, ' and it was saiprisiDg how little the members knew of the workiug of the institntion." Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Wheeler, of Webster, oelebiated their 2Oth wedding anniversary Monday of last week. One bnndred and fifty friends and neighbors were present. A fine supper, dancing and games passed away a ruost enjoyable evening. Many handsome gtfts were left them.