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On Ships' Beds

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The AruDdel Castle is the finest boat I have seen in these seas. She is thoroughly modern, and that statement covers a great deal of ground. tíhe has the usual defect, the commou defect, the universal defect, the defect that has never been missing from any ship that ever sailed - she has imperfect beds. Many ships have good beds, but no ship has very good ones. In the matter of beds all ships have been badly edited, ignorantly edited, from the beginning. The selection of the beds is given to some hearty, strong backed, self made man, when it ought to be given to a frail woman accustomed trom girlhood to backaches and insonmia. Nothing is 80 rare on either side of the ocean as a perfect bed; nothing is so difficult to make. Some of the hotels on both sides provide it, but no ship ever does or ever did. In Noah's ark the beds were simply scandalous. Noah set the fashion, and it will endure in onedegreeof modification or auother until the next flood.


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