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Marriage In England

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Englishmen now, it is said, are emulating the Prench in the absolute disinclination to marry. When they do decide to take this important step, they now frequently insist upon that dot which is part of the French idea of a successful and convenable tnarriage. The real f act of the matter is that the ordinary modern Englishman has no desire to disturb his bachelor estáte. If he has no title, no special vvealth, no great historie name to hand down to posterity, single blessedness is good enough for hiin. This state of mind is attributed by inany to the growing indepeudence of women. Possibly this is true, probably it is not. Mercenary spirits boldly assert that marriages in England will, on the whole, never be successful until women briug dots to their husbands, since gold inspires respect if not love. Marriage on a strictly business basis is evideutly the future for all English


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