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r' , - v George Francis ' ",-. Train, the fa■-'-"= " mous sage of ■ JJjW V 1WJIIJIM ii Madison T-VtitïV iV Square, who ,j '■"J.JibjWi has for thirty " " Ov take proper "■ x_ care of his health during youth and maturity he may live to a green oíd age, and still be able to say with absolute truth, "I am a child myself." Youth is not a matter of years. Happiness is not a question of experiences. Youth is happiness and health is youth. The healthy person, young or oíd, will be a happy person. It is a simple matter to get the body into a healthy condition and then to keep it there. Dr. Piefce's Golden Medical Discovery is the greatest of health makers and health savers. It is the great blood-maker and flesh-builder. It makes the appetite keen, the digestión and assimilation perfect, the liver active, the blood pure, the muscles strong, the brain clear, the nerves steady and every vital organ in the body healthy and vigorous. It makes firm, healthy flesh, but does not make corpulent people more corpulent. It does not make flabby flesh like cod liver oil. It purifies the blood and drives out the poisons of malaria and rheumatism. It is the best remedy for blood and skin diseases. It cures 98 per cent. of all cases of consumption. Grateful patients, who had been given up to die, have permitted their experiences, names, addresses and photographs to be reproduced in Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser. The sufferer who wishes to investígate may write to any of these. The ' Golden Medical Discovery ' is sold by all medicine dealers, and only unscrupulous dealers will try to induce a customer to take some wortnless substitute for the sake of a few pennies added profit. Send 21 one-cent statnps to cover cost of mailing only, for a copy of Dr. Pierce's 1008 - page illustrated book, "Common Sense Medical Adviser," in paper covers. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.


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