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COUNCIL CHAIMBER, { Ann Arbor, December (Hu, 1897. S Regular session. Called to order by Pres. Luick. Roll calletl. Quorum present. Absent Aid. Mooie, Sweet, Spathelf. COMJIUNIUATION FKOM THE MAYOK. Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 2nd, 1897. To the Honorable the common Couucil of the City of Ann Arbor: Gentlemen: - I hereby appoint Patrick Irwin a special policeman to act in and about the Fair grounds of the Washtenaw AgriculUiral Society and without expense to the city. Respecttully, Chas. E. Hiscook, Mayor. Received and ordered iiled. Add Arbor, Mich. JDec. lst, 1897. To the Honorable the Coinmou Council ot' the City of Ann Arbor: Gentlemen: - A cominittee of the School Board has made a request for a change in the sidewalk grade in front of the First Ward School house on State street claiming it should be raised about four or six iuches. As any change there will probably necessitate a change for some distance on either side I would advise that the matter be investigated by the Sidewalk Committee and Engineer and if deemed advisable, that a proper resolution be adopted to change and establish a new grade. Very respectfully, Chas. E. Hiscock, Mayor. Keferred to Sidewalk Committee and City Attorney. PETITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS. To the Common Council: The Board of Public Works would respectfully recommend that the Council take iromediate steps to see that the water, gas and drainage pipes be ordered laid within the paving district on Main street and that all electric companies be ordered to put in iron poleSi And that all sewer connections be laid to all property. And further the Board would recommeiid that the walk on the east side of Spring street between Cherry and Miller avenue be build immediately. Glen V. Mills, Clerk of the Board of Public Works. Reíerred to Street and Sídewalk Comniittees. enqineer's tenth estímate. Excavation and Backnlling. i.ess than 6 ft deep, 150 íeet at 10c peí' ft $ 15 00 ti ft to tt ft deep, 1,906 feet at 12c per 239 52 8 ft to 10 ft deep, 10,852 ít at. 23c per ft. 2,495 96 10 ft to 12 tt deep. 6,900 ft at 3Ic per ft. 1,82a 00 12 f t to 14 ft deep, 1,291) ft at 40c per f t . . 516 00 J4 ft to 16 ft deep, 360 f t at 52c per ft.. 187 20 16 ft to 18 ft deep, 757 ft at 65c per ft 492 05 Pipe, etc. 4iuch, pipe, 6.84S f t at 5c por ft 342 40 6 inch pipe, 22 ft at 8c per ft 1 76 8 inch pipe, 7,8uS ft at lie per ft 858 88 lumen pipe, 6,883 ft at 14c per ft .-. 823 62 8 inch Y 's, 27S píeces it 35c each 97 30 10 inch ï's, 152 pieces at 52c each 79 04 Manholes 34 at Sió.OOeach 850 00 Flushtanks 20 at $54.00 each . 1,080 00 Lampholes 16 at fó.uOeach fcO 00 Extra work per bilí rendered 73 16 Total contract price $10,060 89 Less 10 per cent per contract 1,006 08 Amountdue coutractor Ï9.054 81 Less amount allowed on previous estimates 7,676 33 Balance due $1,378 48 Geo. F. Key, City iSngineer. Aid. Cady moved that the Council approve the estímate aud order a warrant drawn in payment. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. Hamilton, Grossman, K.oeh, Dell, Brown, Vandawarker, Ehodes, Soule, Coon, Danforth, Cady, Fres. Luick - 12. Nays - None. To the Hou. Mayor and Common Council oí Ann Arbor, Michigan: Gentlemen: - We, the uudersigned taxpayers of the City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, respectfully petition your honorable body to have the assessment that is on the Assessor's books as taxes due for the year 1897 on the following described property to wit: The Alley and Court marked "JL" on the plat in John Ö. Oit's Sub-division of a portion of Lots seven (7) and eight (8) of Block two (3) South of Range ten (10) East Ann Arbor, Michigan, the said Alley and Court having been dedicated to the City for the benefit of the general public as a highway on the 26th day of January,1897. For verification of this petition the undersigned respectfully refer to plat ou record in Register of Deeds office in Flat Book No. One Fage 47 in Washtenaw County, Michigan. We, the owners of the property adjoinirlg said above described real estáte ask your honorable body to set aside this assessment as it would necessitate our paying a tax on property that is dedicated to the general public and trust that this petition will meet your favorable approval. iíMJNIA H. OliK. John S. Okk. Reíerred to the Finalice Coriimittee and City Attorney. To the Commoii Council of the City otAnn Arbor: We, the undersigned, being a majority of all the owners oí the real estáte subject to assessment for the pavement of Main street between Liberty and Catherine streets, respectfully petition your honorable body to paye that part of Main street between Liberty and Catherine streets with brick and in accordance with the provisions of an ordinance of the city Ann Arbor, entitled, "An Ordinance Relative to Street Pavements'" passed July 7th, 1897. SIGNED. Louis J. Lisemer, Junius E. Beal, J. D. Ryan, C. F. Pardon, H. C. Exinger, E. C. Kitson, H. A. Kitson, O. C. Johnson, Ex., A. Kearney, Catherine Building Co., Julius and E. L. Seyler, J. J. Goodyear, Mrs. N. W. Hadley, Fannie Wines, Mrs.A. L.Noble, Christian Mack. George H aller, Samuel Krause, Dean & Co., Wm. C. Reinhardt, Wm. Allaby, Frederick Schmid, S. W. Clarkson, L. Gruner, I). F. Schairer, FredBrown, Geo. M.Clarken, Ann Arbor Savings Bank, Chas. E. Hiscock, Cashier, Michael J. Fritz, A. C. Cheever, by N. W. C, Wm. P. Graves, Goodspeed & Son, Eberbach Hardware Co., Mann Bros., Anna B. Bach, Wm. Wagner, Frank Vandawarker, Paul Christman, Wesley Hicks, P. N. Stimson, Christian Eberbach, Anna L. Behr, John Goetz, Sr., Titus F. Hutzel, Wm. Arnold. Referred to Street Committee. By Alderman Rhodes. Resolved, that the petition for paving Main street between Catherine and Liberty streets be referred to the I Board Public Works to determine if the petitioners are the owners of the greatest number of feet of real estáte f routing on Main street, the street proposed to be improved, and for an estímate of the cost of grading, paying with brick on concrete foundation, curbing and other work on said street within said limits. Adopted as follows: Yeas - Aid. Hamilton, Grossman, Koch, Dell, Sweet, Brown, Varidawarker. Rhortes, Soule, Coon, Danforth, Cady, Pres. Luick - 13. Nays- None. REPORTS OF STANDING COMMIÏÏEES. FINANCE. To the Common Council: Your Committee on Finauce would respectt'ully report that they have had the followmg bilis under consideration aud would recommend their approval and that warrants be ordered drawu in payment of the same. Respectt'ully submitted, Arthur Brown, Har r i son Soule, Minhael Grossman. Oommittee on Finunce. CONTINGENT FUND. Glen V. Mills, salary.... '.$ t3 34 l'atrick O'Hearn ' 3 34 Edward L. Seyler. salary 8 34 Thos. D. Kearney, salary 50 00 Thomas D. Kearney, fees 1 10 Mrí. U. A. Greene, rent 2! 17 W. W. Wetmoro, supplies 0 55 HenryC. Wilmot, posting 150 E. F. Mills, toweling - 1 13 A. Kearney, supplies 68 Henne & Stanger, stand 1 25 M. M. Dickson, atlas 3 00 ('banning Smith, tlephone tablet 2 50 Michael ötaebler, coal 37 64 Vf.L. Bunting, candles 30 A. E. Mummery, knife 50 Dr. D. M. Cowie, dressings and chloroform 3 00 Ann Arbor Argus, printing 14 00 John M. Peiner, signs 12 50 Charles Van Keuren, binders ti 00 Geo. Miller & Son, repairing pump 2 50 M E. Easterle, janitor : 1125 Glen V. Mills, postale 4 OW Geo. F. Key, salary 100 00 George Wahr, Bupplies 10 B5 Ann Arbor Beglster, printinsr 8 75 Farmers & Mechanics Bank, accts. assigned 49 78 Glen V. Mills, acet. assigned 3 00 Ann Arbor Water Co., water 27 06 Jacob Polhemus, sprinkllng around campus ö uu Total $ 567 83 SEWER FUND- DISTRICT NO. 6 E. W. Groves, salary $ 75 00 Total $ 75 00 STREET FÜND. Farmers & Mechantes Bank, accts. assigned $ W,S 50 S. D. Lennon, gravel 20 00 C. S. Gardner, gravel 8 90 Oeorge H. Fiseher, labor 35 35 Frank Sutlierland, labor ... :M 15 M. Staebler, supplies 2 40 Geo. Míller & Son, repairing pump 2 75 Geo. W. Sweet, supplies 5 50 Louis Bobde, supplies I 6 63 Heni'y Richards, supplies I 'a Aug-ustus Fellows, labor . 22 50 Daniel Hispock, gravel i HO Anti Arbor E. & B. Works, repairs !l 'M S. Wood & Co., lumber 50 37 Herman Krapf, lnmber _ _. 5 50 Daniel J. Eoss, salary 66 66 J. E. Harkins, supplies 9 57 Totals $ 717 93 BRIDGE, CCLVERT AND CROS8WALK FUND. Farmers & Mechanics Bank, accts. assigned $ 10S 04 Ann Arbor Water Co., walerfurnished 25 72 S. K. Pike to Ann Arbor Savings Bank 83 U Total $ 216 90 PÓLICE FÜND. ZenasSweet, salary $ 75 00 George Isbell, salary oO 00 David Colli jS, salary 5000 John U'Mara, salary. 50 00 Keuben Armbruster, salary 50 00 Joseph Blackburn, special 2 00 Wm. E. Blaekburn, special 2 00 Tunis Norton, special 2 00 Huffk McGuire, burying dog .. 50 Hemy Meuth, special i 00 Farmers and Mechantes Bank, acct. assignert 2 0o Total S 284 50 FIHE DEPARTMENT FDND. Fred Sipley, salary.. $ 60 00 C. A. Edward, salary 55 00 W. H. McLaren, salary 50 00 Max Wittlinger, salary 50 00 Albert West, salary 50 00 Eugene Williams, salary 50 00 Herman Kim, 50 00 Samuel McLaren, salary 50 00 Kdward Hoelzle, salary 40 00 Charles Carrol!, salary 20 00 W. L. Schnierle, salary- 8 00 Georpe Hoelzle, salary 8 00 Wm. Kettich, salary 6 50 A. W. Sorg, salary 8 00 Ed. Hill.salary 8 00 William Herz, oil and glass 6 14 M. Staebler, coal ]2 69 Goodale& Uo.. supplies. 9 27 L. Hohde, coal ( l Geo. W. Sweet, bran 9 45 Clark &Bassett, coal 12 46 Heinzmann & Laubengayer, feed 4 00 Hutzel & Co., supplies 85 Chas Johnson, straw 410 B. St. James, blankets 6 00 Muehlig & Schmid, polish 1 05 Mrs. Keam, washing 6 00 Wm. Copeland & Son, estímate 550 00 W. L. Hearld, assigned to Ortman 11 70 Ann Arbor Savings Bank, acct. assigned 300 00 Farmers and Mechantes Bank, acct. assigned 10 00 Antón Teufel, repairs 2 11 Total $1,465 39 POOR FUND. Fred Sipley, salary $ 10 00 Anti Tramp Society, labor 5 30Nowlin LumberCo., wood 126 44 Ann Arbor Railroad, freight 82 06 F. Bigalke. groceries 5 00 Davis & Seabolt, groceries 18 45 Doty&Feiner, shoes 6 50 E. üieterle, coflin ]u 00 Ed. Duffy, groceries 3 00 Eberbach Drug Co., medicine 60 FredSipley, acct. assigned :j 00 FredHoelzle, meat _ 50 JohnGoetz & Son, grooeries 11 79 John Goetz, Jr., groceries 6 37 Mrs. Hillmao, board 5 10 (i. Hoefer, groceries 3 92 E. Jaeger, meat _ 1 36 Ambrose Kearney, grroceries )0 00 W. F. Lodfaolz, sroccries 3 70 Wm. H. McTntyre, roceries 18 71 ü'Hara& Boyle, groceries 2 00 U. Rinsey, groceries 5 13 Rinsey & Seabolt, grroceries 10 29 H. Richards, coal g 00 L. Kohde, coal 2 93 M. Staebler, coal.. 2 25 W.F. Stimson, rroceries 4 89 3eo. Spathelf, Jr., meat 1 00 M. P. Vogrel, meat 25 Wahr&Miller, shoes 3 50 4nn Arbor Railroad, freight 18 32 Total t ;í95 ]ö KECAPITÜ LATION. Contingent Fund 507 83 Sewer Fund, District No. 6 75 00 Street Fund 717 93 Bridge, Culvert and Crosswalk Fund 216 90 Pólice Fund 284 50 Firemen's Fund 1,465 39 PoorFund '395 ig Total 83,722 71 Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. Hamilton,' Grossman, Koch, Dell, Sweet, Brown, Vandawarker, Bhodes, Soule, Cooií, J3anforth, Cady, Pres. Luick - 13. Nays - None. (Continued on Fourth Page.)


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