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Salutes German Flag

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Port au Prince, Ilayti, Dec. 7. - It Is understcod that the question of the indemnity demanded by Germany for the alleged illegal arrest and imprisonment of Herr Emil Lueders, a Germán subject has been settled to the satisfaction of Germany and that all the demands of that country have been agreed to by the government of Hayti in face of the display of force made by Germany and under the threat of a bombardment of the defensive works of the port unless these demands were agreed to within the eight hours followfhg the time the Germán ultimatum wasdeüvered.shortly after the arrival at this port of the two Germán crulsers sent to back up the demands of the Germán minister here, Count Schwerin. Salutecl Germán Flagv The first part of the settlement took place when the Haytian fleet formally saluted the Germán flag from the ftagship of the fleet of Hayti, a small vessel of 490 tons, armed vvith a few guns of light calibre. Admiral Kilick, the Haytian commander, had charge of the formal salute of the Germán flag. While the flag of the republic was being dipped to the Standard of Germany, the band of the Haytian navy played the Germán national anthem and the Haytian flagship fired twenty-one guns, which were answered by the Germán flagship, the Charlotte, which is used as a school ship. The second part of the settlement of the trouble between Germany and Hayti took place in the morning, when Count von Schwerin, the Germán minister to Hayti. was formally and solemnly received by the Haytian arriciáis. Justice To Be Meted Out, The latter, it is understood, have asgured the Germán authorities that sumïnary justice will be promptly meted out to those of the officials of Hayti who caused the estrangement between the republic and Germany. All citizens of Germán nationality who had sought refuge on board the steamer in this port have returned to their residences, no further trouble being apprehended, and the few French citizens who sought refuge on board the French steamer Ville de Marseilles, whieh was requisitioned for that purpose and arrived here recently from Porto Rico, have followed the example of the Germans and have gone back to their homes and business. Naturally there is a strong feeling of resentment against the government on account of the humiliation inflicted upon the country by Germany, but it is not thought that anything more serious than a ministerial crisis will result. AA lint the Kaiser Said. Berlín, Dea 7. - Emperor William, talking over the trouble between Germany and Hayti, over the Leuders incident, and referring to the Haytians, is quoted as saying: "They are a contemptible erowd of negroes, slightly innoculated with French civilization. My school ships, even though only manned by boys, wil teach them manners."


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