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At Canton Once More

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Cantón, O., Dea 7.- Once more the children of Nancy Allison McKinley gathered about her couch made sacred by her tenacious struggle against death. The reunión ia complete. The president arrived befpre the death angel made his visit and took with him the spirit of the aged mother. "With the children were other relatives, among whom was the aged sister of Mrs. McKinley, Mrs. Abigail Osborne, mother of Consul W. M. Osborne. The scène was a pathetic one that beggars description. In the midst of it all there wf a joy unspeakable in the breast of the president. He had again been permitted to see his mother alive. He had answered all the obligations of his country. He had fulfilled his vows to his people. He had witnessed the semblingr of congress and had been cheered with the news at the same time that his mother was better. liecognized Her Son. In that, little upper room at the McKinley homestead there was a scène that is almost too sacred for pen to write. The eyes of all present were filled with tears as they witnessed the remarkable and almost miraculous rally of the president's mother from the unconscious state into which she had fallen early in the morning. As her famous son entered the room, accompanied by his wife and his niece, Miss Mabel McKinley, the sister of the president, Miss Helen, said: "Mother, here are William and Ida," He kneeled by her bedside, he kissed her tenderly, reverently, and as he did so she put her arm about his neck and signified that she knew him. She alao recognized the president's wife, and reached her hand toward her, and knew Miss Mabel McKinley and Jack Duncan. It seemed to friends that she had somehow or other been waiting for the arrival of her son. Soon after she lapsed into an unconscious state and the strength that had been husbanded for the last meeting of son and mother seemed to leave her. Surprised at the Rally. An hour after his arrival the president sat by the bedside holding the hand of his mother. The attending physician was surprised at the remarkable rally. At 9:30 he said that she was getting weager but he thought she would live through the day. At 5 o'clock in the morning it was thought by those in attendance that the president would not arrive before the aged mother had died. He was informed that such was thought to be the condition. He was to get to her bedside. The run was a rapid one from Pittsburg, but there was a slight delay there in making the transfer to the Fort Wayne track. The presidential party was made up of President and Mrs. McKinley. Secretary and Mrs. Day, Miss Mabel McKinley. Jack Duncan, Miss Mary Barber. The trip was made in the special coach -„Newport. The train was met at the Tennsylvania station by Mr. Abner McKinley, the president's brother, and Messrs. Charles R. Miller and George B. Frease. Kept Óoiifltftntly Informed. The journey from Pittsburg to Canton was made without any special incident save that the president was constantly informed of the condition of his mother and as he neared the city he perceptibly became more anxious to reach his journey's end and be with his mother again. Dr. Phillips, who was present at the time of the president's arrival and the recognition, said afterwards in commenting upon this that the affair wae most remarkable. He said he had never known such a recognition to occur in a case like Mother McKinley's, where the patiënt was as advanced in years. It is plain to the president, however, that his mother's pulse is weaker and that despite the rallies she has had she has been failing since he left her.


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