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Connty Cle,rk Sobuh issued 35 deer huntfirs' liceuses duriug the past seasou. The S. W. S. Clnb will give its first maskert ball at the new Germania hal], Taesday eveniiig, Deo. 21. Friendship Lodge, ï). O. E , will give au invitation dance and supper in Germauia hall uext Monday evening. Judge Durfee, at Detroit, Wadnsday denied the petition to oonamit Wm. W. Secord, the old printer, to the asylum. Frank Ooty, the Epworth Leagoo evangelist, will speak at the men 's meeting at the Y. M. C. A. rooms next Sanday afternoon at 2 :45. Little Miss Mella Morton will sing at this meeting. At the meeting of the Y. W. C. A. board held Monday eveniug Mrs. J. W. Crippeu resigned her position as general secretary of the association ana Miss Florence Sterett was chosen to fill the vacancy. Mrs. Ella T. Stark, of 1124 E. Catherine st. , died Tnesday, aged 27 years, after a lingering illness of a year's dnration. Ber remains were taken to Romeo for interment. She leaevs two yonng children who now have ueithar father nor mother to care for thein. The annoancement that the state has adopted the new manual of arms has jast been made. Company A, M. N. G., is already well to the front in its use, having taken it up immediately on its return from camp in August. The oompany is already able to dovery good work nnder the new rales. An entertainment will be given at High School hall, Friday evening next, Deo. 17, for the benefit of the Y. W. C. A. Mrs. Fredöriok Leiand, of Toronto College of Musio, will sing. Other features of the evening will be the comedietta, "Under the Greenwood Tree, '; given by 15 children and a chorus, and a "Chrigtmas Bell Drill" by 10 young ladies. One of the jolliest parties that will assemble at Granger's academy this year was the "sheet and pillow slip" party on Monday evening. The ly company wore tbeir masks until abont 10:30 when at a given sigual the wearers revealed their identity to eaoh other. With the possibie exception of two or three cases no one was reocgnizable and the fun was great. Three horses belonging to a farmer were lirongbt into town early Monday morning and left nnsheltered and unfed, tied to a post on Ashley et., all day long nntil evening, when, by order of J. J. Goodyear, president of the Humane Society, the animáis were taken to a livery stable by Patrolman Armbroster and cared for. The farmer is said to have been vcry wroth at having his horses taken care of in tbat way. He sbur.ld feel gratefnl to tbink that he escaped thns easy, as a striofc enforcenieut of the law in this oase wonld have r safted in bis arrest and the payment of a fine and costs for his crnelty.


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