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Ypsilanti Maocabeea are making preparations for a banquet to be beid Jan. 17. 1898. George Hammond, of Lodi Plains, died suddenly Tnesday of neuralgia of tbe beart. Ypsilanti Presbyterians will endeavor to raise $15,000 for tbe improvement of tbeir cburch. All the nickel in tbe slot machines in Ypsilanti have been closed up by the oity authorities. P. H. Murray has been removed from postmastership of Salem. He is succeeded by Fred C. Wheeler. "Diok" Martin, formerlyof Ypsilanti, has been genteneed to tbree years in Jaokson for breaking into a freight caí. Wm. H. Heniger, a well knuwn cigar maker of Ypsilanti, died of ocnsnmption Monday evening after lingeriug illness. Dan Q , the little ' Ypsilanti paoing wonder, owned Jby George Hammond, was sold in Chicago Wednesday for $8,400. His reooid is 2 :08. Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Boyd, of Ypsilanti, Monday, Dapbne Margaret Boyd. Ás Mr. and Mrs. Boyd intend to go to the Klondyke April 20, Dapbne will undoubtedly acoompany tbem and will be among the youogest prospeotors in Alaska. - Times. Deputy Sheriff Warner, of Ypsilanti, on Tuesday arrested a yonng man in South Lyons, who some time ago stole a bank in which was $2 from a son of John Hickman, of Superioi', on whose farm be was working at the time. The lad, who is only 17 years old, admits his guili . The Detroit Journal is anthority for the statement that Walter Bilbie, a yonng farmer living on the Pontiao road in Ann Arbor town, declares himself to be follower of Buddha. He is radical in his application of "justice" as the fnndamental prinoiple in religión as advocated by Norman Covert, the follüwer of Brabma. Mr. Bilbie has been a Buddhist for many years and be and Mr. Covert spend many hours disonssing the points of difference in their religions. Mr. Bilbie's parents are Unitarians.


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