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The Rough Experience

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The medical students for some time past have been decidedly exasperated at the pertinaoity with whion outsiders flcok into the olinios whenever an important operation is to be performed and raonopolize the best seats. This is contrary to all rules and regulations of the depaitment. On Friday half a dozen laws wandérnd into Dr. Lynds' clinic at the hospital when au operaUon for the removal of a tumor was. in progress. ïhey stayed there until the clcse of the operation and then the fun began. The senior medies dropped out of tbeir seats one at a titue and baving locked all the doors but one, laid in waifc for the unweloome visitors. Cne was ducked in cold water; another had a stomaoh pump used on him; a third was given a bypodermio dose of apomorphine, whioh made bina very síok; a fourth did not wait to go out of the door bat jutnped throngh a window withotit opening it, and the other two received very rough treatment at the hands of the medios. It is not likely they will want to go to a olinio again in a long time; in faot abont all they care about at present is, with the help of their classmates, to play even with the senior medies.