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On Tuesday eveniug next, Dec. 2S, Edward H. Frye, the the Monologist, will appear at the Athens Theatrein the Y. SI. C. A. Course. Mr. Frye is a versatile genius, and representa niany characters in a remarkable way. On that evening he will give the great Jos. Jefferson play of Rip Van Winkle, the fanious Legend of the Catskills as told by Washington Irving, and will impersonate the following characters : Rip Van Winkle The Village Vagabond Gretchen His Wife Meenie His Daughter Derrick von Beekman The Scbemer Cockles His Nepnew Nick Vedder Keeper of the Village Inn Hendriek His Son Swaggenoff A Dwarf Seth The scènes portrayed being : Spirits of Hendriek Hudson and his Private Crew. Tart 1. The Village of Falling Water, "Derriek the Schemer." Part 2. Interior of Rip Van Winkle's Cottage "Driven from Home." a The Catskill Mouutatns. Part 3. b Summitof the Catskills. "The Mystic Flagon.'' Part 4. a Summit of Catskills. (Twenty years after.) b A Room in Uerrick's House, e Village of Falling Water, d A Room in Demck's House. Home Again." For ageneration the play has been a perfect delight to the American public; it seems not to lose its drawing power; it possesses the saiue power now as in the past to sway the emotions and touch the heartstrings, causing nierry laughter to bubble up and the fountain of tears to pa}' its tribute to her dramatist's power. The sympathetie auditor still breathes the channed weird atmosphere of the primeval forest, alternately laught and ■weeps witli the charming emotions of the tender-hearted Kip and üves brietiy once again in the lorever departed days of the bluff hut houest old Dutch colonists of over a century ago.


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