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The annual election of Arbor Hive, L. O. T. M., will take place next Tuesday evening. Chester R. Bond, whose family resides at 109 N. Thayer st, died Sunday morning at Holyoke, Mass. Telephones have been ordered to be put into the offices of the city physician and nity health officer. The Athens Theater management is about to spring another surprise on its patrons in the nature of a greater attraction. Schneider Bros., the sewer contractors, were. awarded $100 by the council on Monday evening in full of their final claim. Justice Pond gave William Harrison and Augustus Johnson, two traraps, 10 days in jail each on Tuesday. for being drunk. The total number of deaths in Washtenaw county for the mouch of November was 41. The death rate was 1.2 per 1,000 inhabtants. The young ladies of the Junior Auxiliary cleared over $50 by their dolls' bazaar at Harris hall last Saturday. One of the dolls sold for $4. "Iu Uarkest Russia" is the next attraction at the Athens Theater, Monday evening. "Pudd'rihead Wilson" follows on WedneS'iay evening Next Thursday evening, December 30, Weloh Corps, W. R. O., will give a social and entertainment, to wbioh a fue of 10 cents will be charged. Tuesday, Deo. 21, was the shortest day of the year and now the daylight which has been gradaally diawing in wil! begin to lengthen again. Myron H. French, of West Branch, a former city recorder of Ann Arbor, ie a candidata before the republican convention of the lOth district, for representative in congress. Mills Bros., of Pittsrield, ship from 1,600 to 2,000 pounds of milk daily to the creamery at Howell, via the Ann Arbor railroad, besides Bupplying al their customers in this city. C. Frecl Weitnnann has again become insane and is confined in the county jail until such time as he can be cared for at the Pontiac insane asylum. The excitement incident to his assault case against Anton Teufel last week was too much for him. At tLe annual meeting of the Wasbtenaw Mutual Pire Insurance Co. to be held Jan. 12, it is intüuated an attempt wil] be made to make a cbange in tbe board of directora. The cause for thi is found in the refosal of the presen board to allow some flre losses, beoaus of iafraotions of the rales of the society The Boston Poultry House, of Ypsilanti, shipped over seven tons of poultry in one day last week. (J. E. Sperry, treasarer of Pittsfield, wil] be at the couaty fcreasnrer's office to receive taxes Jan. 7 and 8. The Ladies' Library will be closed Christmas day, also Friday, Saturday and Monday, Dpo. 81, Jan. 1 and 3. The Ladie"' Society of Zion Lutheran churoh has ir' i a arrangements to care for the poor ii id needy of that congregation duimg the holiday season. An informal dancing party will be given by Mr. and Mrs. Ganrger at the academy next Tuesday evening. All former patrons and friends are invitad to attend. The Ypsilauti Poultry Association will hold its annual show in the rooms over Wells & Fisk's store, on Congress fit., in that city, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of next week. The oyster snpper given by Washtenaw Lodge, No. 9, I. O. O. F., Thursday evening of last week, tboogh not largely attended was an exceedingly eooiable and pleasant aiïair. The Gilt Edge Band minstrels will give a performance at Ypsilanti next Monday evening under the auspices of tbe Ypsilanti Arbeiter Verein. Trips to Howell and Manchester are also being arraDged for. Mrs. James U. Allen has sold her large farm property on the Whitmore Lake road, in Ann Arbor town, to the Wayne County Creamery Co., of Detroit. Mrs. Allen will move to this oity with her family in the spring. James Fqley, the missing Lansing grocer, is the father of Mrs. C. A. Maynard, of this city. Mr. Maynard was in Lansing several days last week seeking the whereabouts of the absent gentleman, but was u Dable to find any traoe of him. The local Masonic bodies will not this year ruake their annual distribution of New Year's baskets. This action bas been taken under the advioe of Poor Coinruissionei Fred Sipley, who says that the unusually large snpply of labor this year has made the distribntiou nnneoessary. Last week 's Cbelsea Standard was a oredit to its puhlisher O. T. Houver. It was a handsome 12-page paper, the ontside four pages being on coloied paper. It was filled with well set Christmas ads whicb shows that the Chelsea raerchants are good patrons of the newspapers. In order tbat parties living out on the Detroit, Ypsilanti and Ann Abor electrio railway may easily disoern, while in Detroit, the cars which will ruu ont to Ann Arbor, they are to he painted a bright bine, sometbing different froru that on any car service running into the oity. The post office department will put a top to missing word and missing letter joutests wbich are conduoted by pnbisbers to iuorease the snbsoription to "heir papers. All newspapera and perijdicals contaiuing advertisernents of ibis cbaraoter bave beeu forbidden trausmission tbrough the mails. At-a meeting of the Yaung Meu's Club, of Chelsea, the othar Sunday. the debate was on tbe question,"Iufluences that keep men from becomiug Ghristians. " One the conolasions reacbed by the club was that one of the influencies is "that all who oall themselves Christians do not live up to their profassion. " Goethe Commandery, No. 28, U. F. of M., haselected the following officers: Commander, Mrs. Trojanowski; vice coruniauder, F. G. Schroepper; seoretary Mary F. Miley; corresponding seoretary, A. Schett'old ; treasurer, L. Gruuei ; chaplain, Mrs. Lentz; marshal, Joseph Hertchen ; warden, Mrs. Dose; inside guard. Wm. Kaercher; sentry, Mrs. . Maulbetsch ; trustees Charles Gruner, Charles Bindor, jr., and Wru. Binder. At a meeting of the street committee of tbe common counoil held Thnrsday eveuing of last weok the followiug recomrueudatious iu regard to the paviug of Main st. were deoided upon : All electrio light, telephoue and telegrapii wires to be plaoed undergrouud along the line of the proposed pavug on Main st; the eleotrio street railway to put up icon poles iustead of the preseut woodeu ones and the gas compauy's pipes to be placed withing the cellar área along the same district. Rev. Mead will preaeh Dexf Snnday morüiug in the Second Baptist church. Rev. John Dieterle will preach at Trinity Jjntheran church uext Suuday evening. Judge Newkirk lias solrl bis house aurt lot on B st. , Dexter, tn Mrs. G. L. Boydea and her inotber Mrs. Pratt. - Luella M. Rice bas heen granted a divorce from Alberfc J, Kice and Byron McCaulcy from Marian R. McCanley. Mr. Charles Esslinger, the oldest son of Mr. and Mts. Fred Esslinger, of this city, was married in Toledo Deo. 16 to Miss Frederika Reatschler, formerly of this oity. An entertainment by the Mowery and Satton school wil! be given at the Maccabee hall, Wednesday evening, Deo. 29, Come all aud enjoy youtselveB. Admission 10 cents. The city offioes have been wired for desk telephones and electrio cali bells. A much needed improvemen on acoonnt of the great nnmber of calis that have to be answered eaoh day. Lawrence & Butterfield have bonght the 22x100 feet lot artjoining tbe Lawrence buiding on N. Fourth ave., opposite the court honge, for $1,800. and will pnt up an office building on it. A eharacter stndy of Bontet de Monvel, the distiDgnished painter of children, with reproductiona of many of bis bost drawings and paintings, will be the artistio feature of McUlure's Magazine for Jannary. The' board of directora of the Farmers & Meohanics Bank reet Monday evening and organized as follows: President, Reuben Kempf : vioe president, .Charles E. Greene; cashier, F. H. Bejser. The board deolared the usual four per cent dividend to stockholders. Charles Bishop, the actor, who put on the uomedy "Fate" in this city, about this time last year, and who was convicted last Maroh of abducting Mabel Stanton from Adrián and sen;enced to three years in Jackson prison, has made application to the state board of pardons for bis release. The Christmas Day services in St. Audrew's ohnrch will be a celebration of the Holy Commnnion at 6:30 a. m., and a second celebration and sermón at 10:30 a. m. The Sunday school festival will be beid in Harris hall, this aftetnoon at 4 o'clock. All tbose interested in the ohildren are invited to be present. Sunday Jast was the 20th aunivesary oE the ordination into the ministry of Rev. Wm. Gardata, reotor of St. Luke's chnrob, Ypsilanti. The reverend gsntleman very feelingly alluded to the fact in bis sermon Sunday evening and said that the laat two years, spent in Ypsilanti had be6n the happiest and most pleasant of his life. Jacob Weil, of Chicago, committed suicide in that city last Friday, while despondent over business reverses and the mental derangement of his son. At one time Mr. Weil lived in Ann Arbor, his father being a tanner. Several of his family are Imried in the lot at the corner of E. Washington and Twelfth sts. He was 53 years of age. Arrangements are about completed for a joint debate between Lycenm No. 1 of Ann Arbot High School, sud the House of Representatives, Detroit High School, which will be held the first or second Friday in March. The questicn to be debated is "Resolved, That the Initiative and Referendum should be introduced into the city, county and state government of the United States. '' Ann Arbor will support the negative. Lewis Kurtz, the saloon keeper on W. Liberty st. is again in trouble. A complaint has been ruade against hiru for keeping his saloon open after hours last Satarday nigbt. At the term of the circuit conrt just closed he paid 7.41 oosts for a like ofïense. His punishment was made thns light on account of his promisfi that he wonld not leclit oocnr again. His examination is set for Jau. (i before .Tustioe Pond. üniou Conncil, No. 11, R. & S. M., has elected the following officers for the ensuiug year: T. I. M., L. C. Goodrich, Ann Arbor; D. I. M., B. V. Kief, Ypsilanti; P. C. W., W. S. Carpenter, ïpsilanti; treasnrer, H. R. Scovill, Ypsilaoti; recorder, P. W. Carpenter, Ypsilanti; C. of Q., H. Q Prettyman, Ann Arbor; C. of C, E B. Newhall, Ypailanti; stevvard, H. R Scovill, Ypsianti; sentiuel, üeorge W. Kishlar, Ypsilanti. C. A. Saner has a f?ang of meo doing the finishing on Mr F. Warien's new farm house, in Lima. They expect to complete it by Christmas. - Dexter Leader. Gerniania hall was crowded Thursday eveaing of last week on acconnt of the Gilt Kdge Baud's minstrel show aud nothiDg bot words of the highest praise come from all who listened to the program. The Sir Knights of Ano Arbor Commandery, K. T., will meet at lla. m. Christmas Day, as do the lsnigbts of the order all over the country, to drink to the health and prosperity of thair esteemed Grand Ccmmander. The boom of John P. Kirk for congress was formally launched Priday evening at the Cosmorama show, in Ypsilauti. A big sheep was led across the stage hearing the sign, "For Congrees - .Tonu P. Kirk," - Times. Supervisor Wm. Bnrtless, of Manchester, was iu íhe city Wednesday and made a pleasant oall at the Argus office. Dame Rumor has ifc Chat Mr. Burtless has aspiratious to sacceed Sberiiï Judson when bis term of offioe expires. The sewing sohonl children wil be given a dinner New Yeai's Day at 3 o'clock p. m. Will the friends please send in provisions oi' frnit to the room in the Courier block before 2 o'clock New Yoar's Day and oblige, M. H. Brown, superintendent. At the council meeting Monday evening a resolution that the mayor aiid commoa conncil of the oity of Ann Arbor respectfully urge our senators and representatives in congress to U6e tbeir iuflaence to defeat the bill known as "the anti-tioket scalping bill" was passed Postmaster Beakes and his office force were going arouud the office on Wednes' day ciad in overcoats. The cause for this was found in the fact that a tnain steatu pipe which supplies the building withstearu had bnrst and no heat could be fnrnished thetn until the seam fitters got through fixing np tbe break. The amount of money on deposit in the banks of Ann Arbor as shown by their reporta raade on the 15th inst., b as follows: Ann Arbor Savings, $1,156,557,81; Farmers & Mechanics, $452,400.01; State Savings, $317,970.09; First National, $248,376.09; total, $2,170,304.00. They had 166,003 in gold, $55,270 in paper currency and about $10,000 in silver in their vaults, and $1,245,000 standing out in loaus. Last year the Hospital Cirole of the King's Daughters expended $188 in giving assistanoe to needy patieuts at the University hospital and could have ased muoh mnre. It is just entering on its second year of work. On Jan. 8, 1898, Miss Mary Fienoh Field, daughter c,f the late Eugene Field, will give a reading from her father's works, in University hall, for the benefit of the oircle. Some of Mr. Field's verses set to music will also be sang. Tickets for this entertainment are 25 cents; for sale at Newberiy hall. Welch Corps, W. R. C, has elected the following officers: President, Mrs. Delia B. Dean; senior vice president, Mrs. Sutherland; junior vice president, Mrs. George Scott ; treasurer, Mrs. Hattie M. Doig ; chaplain, Mrs. W. T. Grote; conductor, Mrs. Quincy Turner; guard, Mrs. Hattie Long; delegates to state convention, Mrs. Julia Colgrove and Mrs. Duncan; alternates, Mrs. H. Ball and Miss Allmendinger ; delégate to district convention, Mrs. E. W. Hatch. The officers will be installed with those of Welch Pust, G. A. R., in January.