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The Luetgert Trial

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Chicago, T)ec. 21. - Adolph L. Luetert and his lawyers commenced the ay's proceedings with an effort to ounteract the damaging testimony iven by the pólice. Detective Walter 5. Dean resumed the stand and Attorey Harmon commenced a careful and minute cross-examination of the witess. Pean is the oflicer who found ths ing-9 in the middle vat of Luetgert's ausaere íactory, and Attorney Harmon's rigid questioning was simply a ulfillment of belief that the rings contitute the only formidable piece of evidence given against the defendant. Frank Biaik, the aged night watchman, who related the story of Luetgert's alleged mysterious .doings in the sausage factory the night of May 1, wlll follow Dean on the stand. Arnold C. Luetgert, the prisoner's oldest son, has admitted to Attorney Harmon that he signed the indorsement of Paul Joeschke to three proreissory notes, amounting to $4,750, which were given to Attorney William A. Vincent to defend Luetgert in the former trial. Ai-nold, who is 24 years oíd, declares he signed his own name and Joeschke's indorsement to the notes to save his father's lite. He states, however, that Mr. Vincent wUl lose nothing, as the notes, he says, will be paid when they become due.


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