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Lost Control Of Cars

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Altoona, Pa., Dec. 21. - As a result of a freight wreek which was caused by a rur.away train on the Pennsylvania railroad three men lost their lives and damage to the extent of $75,000 was done rolling stock of the company. The dead are: S. Kuster, Hagerstown, Ind. ; Charles 3. Numer, brakeman; S. G. Corbin1, brakeman. Kuster died a few minutes after mldnight, after being removed to the hos-' pital. Numer could be heard talking for four hours after the wreek oceuned, but eould not be reached until after the mass of debris had crushed him to death. The body of Corbin was found in a pile of debris thirty feet in the air. He probably was instantly killed. Three locomotives, four passenger coaches, and fifty-eight loaded freight cars were wrecked. Besides this loss the damage to the merchandise, with which the cars were loaded, is heavy. TKAINS COME TOGETHER. Freight and Passenger Collision Kear Wildervllle, Mich. Marshall, Mich., Dec. 21. - An extra freight train of empty coal cars and a caboose collided with a west-bound passenger train on the Detroit, Toledo and Milwaukee railway near Wilderville. Both locomotives were literally ruined by the impact The freig-ht cars were piled high in a masa of ruins. The baggage car was badly wrecked and Albert Arner, baggageman, was seriously injured. His head is cut, arm sprained, and hips bruised. Line Repairer McNiff of Tecumseh had his back badly injured. The force of the colusión drove E. B. Williams, a passenger brakeman, head foremost throttgh a door panel. Hia scalp is badly torn and back injured. Webb Lott, engineer of the passenger train, had a leg broken, and his fireman sprained his ankle in jumping from their engine. Engineer Ben Coonfer, of the freight locomotive, admits that he forgot his orders. He and his fireman jumped and escaped injury. SIX SKATERS DBOTTNED. Accidente to Pleasure Seekers at Tonawanda, N. Y., and Gardner, Mass. Tonawanda, N. Y., Dec. 21.- The ice gave way on Elliott creek and precipitated a party of four young people into the water. Three of them were drowned. The dead are: William Newman, aged 19 years; Miss Rose Newman, aged 16 years; Michael Coleman, aged 20 years. The fourth memter of the party, Miss Lizzie Coleman, was rescued just in time. The bodies of the three dead persons were recovered. Gardner, Mass., Dec. 21.- Leada CharGardner, Miss., Dec. 22. - Leada Charland, 13 years old; George Morin, aged 15. and Frank Waterman, aged 18, were drowned while playing and skating on thin ice. Firemen üaclly Hurt. Chicago, Dec. 21. - In a collision between a fire insurance patrol wagon and a State street cable train six men were injured: Captain J. C. Lains, hands badly cut; William B.. Loeb, fireman, leg strained; Frank Rumney, fireman, bruised about the body; William Havern, bruised about the legs; Frank Clark, flreman, badly hurt about the body; Harry Fulton, flreman, leg hurt. Loeb, the most seriously injured, was taken to his home on Paulina street.


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