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THE WONDERS OF SCIENCE. Lung Troubles and Consumption Can be Cured, An Eminent New York Chemist and Scientist Makes a Free Offer to Our Readers. The distinguished chemist, T. A. Slocum, of New York City, demonstrating his discovery of a reliable cure for Consumption (Pulmonary Tuberculosis), bronchial, lung and chest troubles, stubborn coughs, catarrhal affections, general decline and weakness, loss of flesh, and all conditions of wasting away, will send TIIREE FREE HOTTLES (all different) of his New I)iscoveries to any afïiicted reader of this paper writing for them. His "New ScientiffcTreatment" has cured thousands permanently by its timely use, and he considers it a simple professional duty tosufferinghumanity to dónate a trial of his infallible cure. Science daily develops new wonders. and this great chemist, patiently experimenting for years, has prodnced results as beneh'cial to humanity as can be elaimeti by any modern genius. His assertion that lung troubles and consumption are curable in any climate is proven by "beartfelt letters of gratitude," flled in his American and European laboratories in thousands trom those cured in all parts of the worid. The dread Consumption, uninterrupted, means speedy and certain death. Simply write to T. A. Slocum, M. C, 98 Pine street, New Y ork, giving postoffiee and express address, and the free medicine will be promptly sent direct from his laboratory. Sufferers should take instant advantage of liis generous proposition. Please teil the Doctor that you saw this in the Ann Arbor Argus. Don't Borrow Trouble if you are bilious or your liver is out of : order, and blame Providence for your bad luck. Take a dose of Garter'a Cascara Pilis; they will tone up your liver, clear your brain and help you to see things clearly. Price 25c. For sale by H. J. Brown.


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