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Dead Folks' Money

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A suit which gives promiae of many sensational deaveioptnents bas been commenced by Comstock F. Hill, administrator of the estáte of tbe late Marie Osius, who died September 14, 1896, at the age of 95 years, against William üsins, her son, and Frederick Buss" and Christina Bass, to oompel thern te give an aooonnting of what they have done with the $10,000 estáte which beionged to Mrs. Osins. The bill flled avers that for ïnany yeara previons to Mrs. Osina' death, her son William Osins, with whotu she resided, had exercised an nndue influence over her and by misrepresentation, trickery and forco secnred posessiuu of almost all of her real and personal property. That at different times she had desire to remove to the borne of her daughter in Ann Arbor bnt bad been prevented by her son, who is prononnoed "pennrious to the lastdegree. " That Osius indneed bis consin, Frederiuk Busa, to join him in his efforts to prejndice his mother against the'other heirs, and ptevented her from imicing a jast will to dispose of her property That on Deo. 11, 1S95, she was induced to convey all her property to Bnss onder the pretense that sbe was tnaking her last will and testament, and also exeented a statement giving Bnss power to distribnte f3, 054 amocg the other beirs and dividing the balance of tbe estáte between Frederick Bnss and William Oeioa. The bill also asked that a temporary injanction restraining them from disposing of any of the prnperty be issned, and on Friday Judge Kinne issned the injunotion.