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Mrs. Starkweather's Will

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Robert W. HemphiJl, of Ypsilanti, administrator of tbe estáte of the late Mary Anne Starkweatber, has filed a bil] in tbe probate conrfc asking for tbe oonstrnotion of the court on 22 poiuts in tbe will which seem obscure, before he wonld feel safe in paving off tbe legacies named in the will. One of the uDcertain points is said to involve tbe disposal of $60,000. Some of the points are as follows : One provisión gives to Magaret Ann Newberry, $5,000. A codioil says: "I deoree that the $5,000 lef t to Mar - garet Ann Newberry be divided with Fannie E. Newberry; f2,500 to eaoh danghter of my brother, G. P. Newberry " Bnt G. P. Newberry has another dangbter besides tbn two mentioned,. and the execntor is pnzzled. One thonsand dollars is beqneathed to Ethel Denbel for edncation. A codicil provides that she sball reoeïve the interest of tbia till she marries, when the principal will be hers. The administrator does not know whether the money shall go for her education, as provided in the will, or be kept until her mairiage, as the codioil provides. A som is beqneathed to James Wilson for kindness to Mrs. Starkweather's hnsband. But Wilson has long been dead and tbis provisión may or may not have lapsed. The will provides that, after these beqnests have been made, the remainder, abont $200,000, be divided equally among the families of her three brotbers, Geoige Newberry, Henty Newberry and John S. Newberry. The second codicil provides tbat tbe three yonngest ohildren of John S. Newberry shall have no part of the estáte, "as they have great expectations from otber sources" bnt tbat the oidest one Harrie R. Newberiy, sball share in tbe división, after all debts owed by hiru to the estáte have been cancelled. The executor is in donbt wbethei the debts of Harrie R. Newberry are to be paid out of his share of the estáte or forgiven. He is also in doobt whether tbis man's share is the one-third of the whole estáte which, acoording to the original will, was to go to the obildren of John S. Newberry, or whether it is one-fonrth of this; the amonnt he would have received had not his brothers and sisters been disinherited. The decisión will make a ditference to him of nearly $60,000. Harrie R. now lives in Paris, France. Anotber bequest was made to the Y. M. C. A., but tbe exeontor believes the Y. M. C. A. had legally ceased to ex ists at the time of Mrs. Starkweather's deatb. A certain amount is bequeathed John Starkweatber, if he ischildless 10 years after the making of the will. He is s til l ohildless, bnt the 10 years have not elapsed. Charles Newberry is to have $3,000 if he doss not marry and have children. He is married, bnt has no children. Whatever is uncertaic, tbere is one thing absolntely certain, whioh is tbat the judge of piobate will have his spare moments well filled for sotne time before he gets all tbe poiots involved deoided.


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