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He Gets $900

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The snit of George Blnmhaidt vs. John G. Feldkamp, trustee of the 4,000 estáte left him by his father J. G. Blnmbardt, waa heard in the circuit court on Wednesday. In his will the eider Blumhardt atipnlated that the property was not to be paid over to his son nnlesa he got to be "more saving. " The trastee said Blumhardt was as big a spendthrift as evei. Blnmhardt's attorneys claimed that the will was too ambiguous in its terma to stand. A. J. Sawyer, attoruey for the trustee, sarcastically remarked duriug the trial "We will show that where George usd to drink ohampagne, he now gets drank on hard eider." Henee he is more aaving. It was flnally agreed that the trustee, .Tobn G. Feldkamp, should deliver over to Blumbardt $900 or thereaboats of the estáte, and the balance of $3,100, which is invested in a ruortgaga on a farm in Pittsfleld, sbonld be turned over to Dr. C. F. Kapp, of Manchester, as guardián for Blnmhardt, ,who paya all the expenses of the suit.


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