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Fellows Family Reunion

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The annual rennion of the Fellows amily was held at the home of C. M. Fellows in Saline township, Thursday, Dec. 30. About 30 of tbe relatives were preseut. The day was fine and warm whioh added greatly to the comfort of those who came with teams from a distance. The friends from Sharon, Manchester, York, Ann Arbor and Saline came early and spent the day, bringing with them bonntifnl snpplies and all joined in loading down the table with the good things of life. After all had eaten and were full, R. K. Fellows, the toastmaster, after sanie brief remarks proposed the following toasts: "Onr Family Tree an Evergreen." Responded to by C. M. Fellows, who said that many family records were kept in the form of a tree, the trnnk bearing the parental Dame and eaob addition to tbe family being designated by a: bianch with the name written tbereon. Different kinds of trees have been chosen for the records, the oak being the prinoiple choice, representing hardiness and enduranoe. Bnt for onr family tree tbe Evergreen is chosen, beoanse of the honored position it holds in every well arranged yard, and becanse of its sytnmetry of form and nprightness of growth. Traditiou say that all who hear the name Fellows in this country are the decendants of five brothers who cauii froro England among the early settlers of the nation, and so far as we know no one bearing that name bas ever been incarcerated in any prison or been an iomate of any connty honse or almshonse; and many of them are holding bonored positions in the world. May onr record grow higher and brigbter like tbe evergreen. "Oor Ancestors, " ieply by Airs. Iutt; Leeson, of Manchester. She gave glowiog tribnte to the parents and grandparents whu settled in this state and hewed ont homes for themselves and tbeir children amidst great privations and toil. "Cnr Qrafted Consins. " Response by A. G. Mclntyre, of York, who said he was glad he married into a family with snch a large relationship. Aa a graft be had been well cared for and made an esoellent growth, especially sïnce he sat down to the table. "Onr Family in the Late War.!' E. W. Hnnt, of Saline, told something of the history and the privatiousof army life. "Onr JXising GeneratioD; Tfaey Aie Hostlers. " Respoase by Miss Anna Fdlows. After giving a list of the preachers, teachers, doctors, and other eruploymeuts of the yonng people of the faruily, she closed with the following lines: Here is to the rnemory of oui' forefathers, So tearless and so bold, Who in theearly thirties. Faced Michlgan's storm and cold. Many trials came their war, Many a long day's toil : Many iiaidslups suffered they, ïo break and till the soil. Tbey are sleepiugr now under the snow, But their good deeds still liyo on, Burning with a brighter trlow In the grandchild, daughter and sou. So here is to the Fellows consins Aud to their true hearted ïrafts, Wè count them by the dozcns Sotakedeep long quatl's. Then here's to the future, and the fame, And the lofty aspiration , Of those who are honored by the name Of this the Kising Generation.


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