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Graduates Of Indian Universities

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I think rbsit the surrows of a childess wife in ludia ;ire not nearly so ?reat a Mr.--. Ütuel describes them to )e, simply la cause of that "curions resgnation, time iiapressive acquiescence, which, !! shesays, "does more to separate east irom west than all the seas which ie bet ween Enghiud and India," and because. even it barrenness of the arst wife noeesfitates the marrying of a secoud iwirh a view to the future performance ot' religieus rites), there can De no jealousy 1 irwren the fwo, for to tbeni "marflfage has ir its object the preservatioc ot the tearth fire, not the tire oí passion, and rhe jealonsy which is a virtne to the eivi-hzed is a crime to these barbariaus. " Mrs. Steel, I fear bas al?o fallen iutc the coiimion error ,it woui'i have beeu a marvel had si;e not) oí asstirmng that every gradúate oi ac ludían aniverfeity i? a prig. Tht ludiaii gradnaté is also the pet averon ot Jlr Rudyard Kipling. Ent both art; wrong m their assumptioas. In the discharge ot' my acadercical duties, uot o very long ago. 1 carne daily inte contact with more thau 700 under'gradnates of the Calcutta university, and I did uoc notice in cheru a a class any particular príggishness. anything which would dlfferentiate them in that respect,


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