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Classified Ad: Scribner's Magazine for 1898

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SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE FOR 1898 A GREAT PROGRAMME. The Story of the Revolution by Senator Henry Cabot Dodge to run throughout the year. (For the first time all the modern art forces and resources will be brought to bear upon the Revolution. Howard Pyle and a corps of artists are making over 100 paintings and drawings expressly for this great work.) Captain A. T. Mahan's "The American Navy in the Revolution." to be illustrated by Carlton T. Chapman, the marine artist; Harry Fenn, and others. Thomas Nelson Page's First Long Novel, Red Rock- A Chronicle of Reconstruction." Mr Page has devoted four years to the story, and he considers it his best work. (Illustrated by B. West Clinedinst,) Rudyard Kipling, Richard Davis, Joel Chandler Harris, George W. Cable, and others, are under engagement to contribute stories during 1898, Robert Grant's "Search-Light Letters"- replies to various letters that came in consequence of hi "Reflections of a Married Man" and '"The Opinions of a Philosopher." "The Workers" in a new field- Walter A. Wyckoff, the college man who became a laborer, will tell about his experience with sweat-shop laborers and anarchists in Chicago (Illustrated from life by W. R. Leigh.) The Theatre, The Mine, etc. will be treated in 'The Conduct of Great Businesses" series (as were "The Wheat Farm." "The Newspaper," etc, in '97), with numerous illustrations. Life at Girls' Colleges -like the articles on "Undergraduate Life at Harvard. Princeton and Yate," and as richly illustrated. Political Reminiscences by Senator Hoar, who has been in public life for forty-five years. C. D. Gibson will contribute two serial sets of drawings during '98, "A New York Day," and "The Seven Ages of American Woman." the The full prospectus for '98 in small book form (24 pages), printed in two colors, with numerous illustrations (cover and decorations by Maxfield Parrish), will be sent upon application, postage paid. Price, $3.00 a year, 25 cents a number. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York.