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CUsy Fiizgerald is coming. She is nw playing at the Empire, Detroit. Ciissy is the yo'ung lady who ie'it an elegant lio'ine iu, England, and against lier ïalniily's wishejs, took up tlie life of an actress. She beeame the rage in Lo'iidon and has set the theatre goitng people -wild ia the eastern citics sihee her lire. Khe will be at the Atheos on Weduésday oveniiig, Ja 11. 12. Tuekday'.s Detrait F ree Prese sa-ys: of Cissy Fit.zgerald, "vlio is to appeaiat the Atheas next Wednesday evening, Jan. 12 : Miss Fitzgerald as the tonale ba 11 sensation, Tricky Uaybud, made her first appearaiuca oa tae steaie ïiear the end of aet secoad. Her ch-eei-y presence, buoyant spirits and arcli manner, coupled Avit-h her uaiquestioned natural grace and acquAred skiE as a daneer, made at least an agreeable impression on the spectators, wlio applauded her Avith mwh warnnth aaid cajled her back to coaitiiiue' her dianee. Between acts seconid aind third she introduced h&r hioop-skirt dance, which is billed a 8 ''the rage of the preseiat London tasoiu" It enalb'tes her to demónstrate how physioal graoe may overeóme a"svkwaï'd coaiditions. Her costuinie ctwusijsts of a govvn, spread ly a hoop to enorinous aoid unwieldy liniemsions, and a miasa of filmy and pret'tily embellished white -skirts and otb&ï natbet moa-e intimate garments. All t'hese, includiiig the lady's wa.istbund, wen1 freeügr exhibited. l'cr. haps the You-ng Perscun (who was numei'ou.sly pre64?ait) s'hivered a little, but up to tíie hour of writingno serious oasualtiee ha"xi been repo r-bed.


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