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Married To Nobility

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Washington, Jan. 4. - Count von Goetzen, military attaché of the Germán embassy, was married at noon to Mrs. May Stanley Lay at the residence of the bride. The ceremony whieh made another American countess was first performed by a justice of the peace, in accordance with the official custom of Germany, and later by Rev. Dr. Menzel of the Germán Lutheranchurch. The count had as his witnesses the Germán ambassador, Dr. von Hollebec, Baron Heimann, Mr. Von Bruenig and Mr. Von Reicherou of the embassy staff, while the bride's witnesses were members of her family. The wedding breakfast followed and was partieipated in by Sir Julián Pauncefote, the British American ambassador; Viscount Santo Thoiso, the Portuguese minister; Count Gallarza of the Spanish legation, General and Mrs. Miles and many other representatives of the diplomatic corps, the army, navy and society in general. Across the Continent, Later in the day the count and his bride started for a trip across the continent. They will stay for a time at los Angeles, Cal., and will then go to Berlín, where Count von Goetzen will rejoin his regiment now at Potsdam, near the emperor. Countess von Goetzen, the bride, is the widow of the late William Mathews Lay of this city. She s a native of Baltimore, where she was first married. Her beauty has always made her much admired and it is said that no other woman in society ïas received more attention. Her acluaintance with Count von Goetzen began just a year ago at a New Year's dinner given at Coreoran house by Mrs. Calvin S. Brice.


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