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Miss EUen Nussey, who was bridesmald at Charlotte Bronte's wedding, has juist died at tho age of 83 years. Miss Susan B. Anthony has returned borne to Rochester after an extensive lec(ure tour through the west. Mme. Nórdica is reported to hnve said that nobody outside of her own family has ever oontrlbuted to har musical education. Mrs. Eleanor P. Palmer, vvhoso work attracted special attention at the recent ceramio art exhlbition at tho Waldorf, New York, has recoived an order to paint l,00() tapestry covorings for chaira for the Astoria. Mrs. Helen Crittcnden Adanis of Buena Park, Chicago, possesses Ü00 teapots. She keeps a memorandum of all of them, registering each with the name of the giver and the time and place of purchase, as well as the kind of ware. Ex-Qucen Lilioukalani of Hawaii has received soineadvanced copies of her book, "Hawaiian Tradition of the Creation." This book is intcnded for oirculation Bmong a few friends only and will probubly not appear publicly. Mrs. Asquith, wife of one of England's prominent members of parliament, has numbered among her intímate friends such men as Browning, Bowen, Symonds, Tennyson and Gladstone. Jowett speaks enthusiastically of her in his "Life and Letters. ' ' Mrs. .Sarah W. Whitney, the leader of the woman's suffrago movement in Iowa, was recently reported arrested and imprisoned for posting hnndbills of an equal suffrage meeting, contrary to a Des Moines ordinance. Mrs. Whitney was not imprisoned, but was fined, and the mayor immediately remitted the fine. The oldest peeress alive at the present date is Lady Jane Carew, grandmothor of the present lord. She is a daughter of Major Anthony Cliiïe of New Cross, Ireland, was born m 1798, and in 1816 married the iirst Lord Carew. She is in good health and the iull possession of her faculties, can converse agreeably and still enjoys a game of bezique. Kosa Maso is one of the bravest heroines of the Cuban war of indepondence. She ia ' only 19 years old and is the daughter of a wealthy planter, whom V.'eyler had butchered, together with her only brother. She esoaped from the Spanish and divides her time between nursing thesick Cubana and acting as a spy for General Gomez. She was the first to cross Weyler's trocha.


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