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Hammering At Hanna

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Columbus, O., Jan. 4. - -Previous to the as-sembling cf the legislature there weie coníerences on both sides on the senatorial contest. The Hanna men claimed to have secured pledges from Representative Griffin oL Union andJoyee of Carroll, who voted for Masón for speaker, but with these doubtful accessions they were still short two votes of enough to elect. While Hanna's friends are working here, the Republican eounty committees, clubs and other organizations at the homes of the doubtful Republican members have been enlisted and many delegations of visiting statesmen ■are arriving, one cf the first being from the hom of Governor Bushnell of Springrield. The combined opposition to Senator Hanna is still uncertain as to their candidate. Some Democrats object to Governor Bushnell or Mayor McKi5son or Mr. Kertz, or any other Republican that has yet been suggested. While the opposition has formaUy announced several names for senator, there lias been no flxed action on that selecticn. Claim of the Combine. The combined opprsi'tion to Hanna claims to have vetes to defeat Hanna. but they have not yet claimed enough votes for any óne senatoria! candidate mentioned by the combine to elect. Their trouble is not only to hold all their present forces in line againft Hanna, but to get them to agree upon thelr man for senator. The work during the day was devoted by the combine to holding their forces and manage them for the senatorial contest as was done the day before for the organiza tion of both branches of the legislature. The work of the Hanna men has been devoted to skirmishing for two more votes. The morning sessions of both houses were devoted to routine business. State Senator Burke of Cleveland arrived from Chicago and completed the full attendance of the senators. Burke voted with the Democrats. but took his seat on the Republican side of the eharr.ber. Kills Against Corporations. In tlïe house all sorts of bilis were introduced against corporations. These measures were regarded as thrusts at Senator Hanna, whose affairs are of varied interests. An amendment to the Nichols law which taxes the earnings of express, télegraph, telephone and other companies was introduced so as to include street railways, electric light and power equipment, artificial or natural gas, pipe Une, mesaengers, sleeping car and all other corporations. There was also a bilí introduced to repeal the law for a new state house. This was regarded as retuming the compliment to the Columbus people who have expressed their protests to the course of Governor Bushnell. While these measures were being thrown in a delegation of 350 from Springfield, the home of Governor Bushnell, marched into the state house, wearing Hanna badges, and with banners of severe inscriptions, called on Governor Bushnell. In response to their protests Governor Bushnell delivered a speech in which he said his Republicanism had never before been questioned and that he reserved the right to his individual opin ions and preferences. Joinert in the Chorus. The Springfield delegation afterward called on Senator Hanna and then joined in the chorus of other visiting delegations that are coming in to protest against the action of Republicans who are combining with the Demoerats to defeat Hanna. The house adjourned at noon. There is much unflnished business, but the combine does not intend to announce any of the standing committees till after the joint senatorial caucuses are held. The preferred places will not be given out in apportioning the committees till it is known what Republicans remain out of the joint Republican senatorial caucus. The senate at noon took a recess till 2:20 without announcing any of its committees. Sesnator Burke secured all he wanted in clerkships and other patronage through the Democrats. He was in conference with the Democrats during the noon recess. The proceedings in both houses showed plainly that everything- possible was being done by those who hold the fort to beat Senator Hanna. Revolvers Are Drawn. During the noon recess there were several disputes that bordered on flst flghts. While several outside workera have indulged in such methcds, the only member of the leg-islature present during such controversies is Representa. tive Snider. Before retiring early in the morning some of nis constituents from Green county were with him. Two of these visiting statesmen, representing opposite sides on the senatorship, got to the point of drawing revolvers, but they were separated before any powder was burned. The following was given out in the afternoon by the Republican steering eommittee: "The sentiment of the house and senate, as expressed to the chairmen of the two Republican caucuses, is that it is unnecessary to cali a senatorial caucus. The universal expression is that, as Mr. Hanna had been indorsed kir tha Tiiiorïi-i nnnvpntion and bv the county conventions of the state and was nominated by the people in their prlmary capacity at the polls, it is more respectful to their constituents tó accept their action as conclusive, in accordance with the precedent oí two years ago, than to supplement it by a formal nomination of their own. No caucus, therefore, wlll be called."


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