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Simón Winslow, of Lima, has had a slight stroke of paralysis. Josiah Sloat has bought the Frank Merrithew fartuin Sharon. Alichael Wurster, of Suio, will build a new farm house tbis spring. Chelsea Maccabees install their newly elected ofHcers this evening. Jirs. Alford Aoton, of Saline, is so serionsly ill that her recovery is donbtfnl. Allen Tnofcer, of Lima, has rentad a farm near Waterloo and will move on to ifc. Adin Cnshing will pnt up a new honse on his farm in Webster this spring. Ernest Linden, of Biidgewater, will build biruself a new cattle and sheep barn this spring. All the ice honses in Dexter are f al' of ioe and the dealers are now ready for the samtner trade. Zdrs. Geo. Schumacher, who lives one mile sontb of Bridgewatei station, has rerjted her farm to her son. At rhe annnal meeting of the Saline Baptist cburch -T. H. Barr and A B. Batnlin wete eleoted deacons. James Litobfleld, a former resident of Dexter, died in. Detroit Jan. 11. He was bnried in Dexter Jau. 13. W. R. Sloat, of Mancüester, was wrp-:!ing with a friend the other evensng v. üen he dislcoated his shoulder. Mrs. Theodore Ulricb, of Freedom, died Jn. 6 aged 42 years. Her husband aod eight children snrvive ber. Charles Gieger has purchased the George Allen farm of 93 acres iu Bridgewater, payiag therefor f3,100. Mr. Frank E. Downs was married to Miss Editb A. Benham, in Bridgewater, Wednesday even ing of last week. Miss Jennie Doane, who has teen a faithfnl and snccessful teacher in the Dester scbools for seven years has resigned. Jchn K. Gates, of Chelsea, soid 13 faead of fat cattle to Jackson parties last Thursday for f4. 30 per hundred live weight. Bnyers from Canada have been in Ypsilanti town pnrchaslag bïack walnnt. The luujber will be shipped to EnglanÖ. The Willis Creamery Acsociation wili perchase a new boiler for its factory, The dd one not beicg large euoagb fot its bnsiuesg. Willis Tent, No. 678, K. O. T. M., gave a dance in their hall at the o!d hotel at Wbittaker's Corners, Friday eveniog of last week. Mrs. Myra Lawrence faas been engaged to tearb uiuaic in tbe Saline school duriug the laet bour each day for tbe winter term. Mrs. E. M. Alvord, of Irou Creek, recently oelebrated her 86th birthday at ber soq's home among a large oompany of relativos and friends. Martin Howe and Mra. Jobn Walsh, of Chelsea, have goce to Iieland to get some property they have fallen heirs to by tbe deatb of a relativa. The dramatic oommittee of the Dester Soldiers' Monument Association will give s drama for tbe benefit of the monument at an early date. Gottlieb Krant, of Mioreville, was cottiug some wood tbe other day when his axe missed the stick strnok bis foot and alrnost cut off his big toe. Henry Sloao, seotion foreman on the Michigan Central is, now watcbman at the depot orossing in Dexter, Morris Nash sncceeds him as seotion boss. H. C. Calhoun, one of the managers of the Manchester cheese faotory, contemplates opening tbe Brooklyn creamary as a cheese factory in the spring. T. S. Jamae, of Dexter, has erected an ice honse at Danoer's lake and will fill it vcith pure iake ice with which he will snpply the wants of Dexter cnstomers. The new officers of the Saline fire company are: Captain, John Gillen; assiefrant captain, Ed. Sears; secretary, B. Deiendinger; treasurer, Henry Linden - schniitt. Hanry Olarke, of Saginaw e. s., a former resident of Ypsilanti, and brother of R. L. Clarke, of Superior, died Jan. 7 and was boiied Monday of last week. R. L. Clarke attended the funeral. A Lyndon farmer started for Chelsea a week ago Sunday morning with a load of wheat to sell. He did not fiad out bis mistake until be was nearly into Chelsea. All days look alike to him evidently. The home of Monis Harrington, in Macon townsbip, Lenawee oounty, was with its conten ts destroyed by fire Monday eveuiog of last week while the family were away from home. It was partially insnred. The Milan Lsader says: "It doesn't pay to be a kioker. A ceitain yonng dootor not far off dreamed the other uight tbat he was a kioker, and he kicked the footboard so hard that he bcoke his great toe." Mart Lamb, of Saline, had 15 fine turkeys stolen last week. But Mart saved his Lamb. - Ann Arbor Conrier. Bnt be looked sheepish when he saw the fowl time someone had bad at his expense. - Plymouth Mail. The telepbone wires that crossed the Ann Arbor Railroad at Milan were set so iow that the trainmen cut tbem beuause tbey weie dangerous. Tbe telepbone compauy had to put up higher poles and restring the line in oonseqaence, The cautata of "Jephthah and His Daughter" was produced at Arbeiter hall, Manchster, Tuesday evening, for tbe benefit of the local chapter of the Eastern Star. The cast was taken by local talent under the directorship of W. J. Hubbell, of Chicago. At the home of John Grossman, in IrGD Creek, there were nine cases of diphtheria at one time last week. Eight of the oases were his children, the other was a young man, named Graf, fro.ïB Jackson, who it is claimed, took the disease into the family. Building operations in Bridgewater sromise to be brisk this spring. P. S. Knight lalks cf putting up a new barn ; Eminet Linden and M. & C. Mitcbell will put up new harns and Wil] Raiser will build himseif a new honse. The effect of good prices for farm prodnots. Will Oesterle, of Chelsea, skated into a bole in the ice on Pierce's lake one night last week. The ice cutters had been at work there aud notices had been posted warning ekaters of their danger. Help was luokily near at hand and he was rescued before he had been in thtí water very long. The farms of finaron aie changing owners to some estent tbis spring. Mr. Bohmiller bas bougbt what is known as the Voeding farm, Josiah Sloat the Frank Merrithew farm, Martin Bruster the John Robison farm and Samuel Haselscbwerdt the James Hood farm. Hngh Fanlkner who resided on the Hood farm nine years will work the Henry Hobart farm near Fianoisoo. - Grass Lake News. Mrs. Julia P. Whitaker, wife of Isaac M. Whitaker. of Cbehea, died Jan. 9 aged 68 years, 8 months and 18 days. Sbe was norn in New York city aud came to Lima with her parents when sbe was 18 years old. She was mariied Jau. 1, 1846, tu Ira Cushman, who died ia 1889. Dec. 18, 1895, she was married to Mr. Whitaker with whom sbe bad Jived happily until her deatb. Tbe funeral services were held at the Cbelsea Congregatonal cburcb, Jan. 11, Rev. Thos. Holmes offioiating. Stephen Harvey, of Ypsilanti, was senteuced in November last to 60 days in the oounty jail for assault on bis wife. Wheu arrested by Officers Rappleye aud Hipp, be drew his revolver I on them, but prompt measures on their part or fear on his part, prevented its use. He was released from jail Monday motning, but was at ooce reariested on the charge of resisting an offloer. Before Juetice Childs he waived fixarninatiuu when the complaiut was read and in default of $500 bail he was taken back to jail at Ann Arbor to await his trial at the March term of thb circuit court. The Saline creamery was entered ! Mouday nigb'of last week by a Svvede ! whogained eutrance by breaking in one of the doors. He stoked the fire under tbe boiler, turned the steam into the radiator, made himseif a bed in the gipe room and stayed uutil toward ' momiug when he left part of his : I I olothiug and reoovered bis persou with coats, vests, sweaters and mittens that belonged to the creamery mea and (ieparted taking with bitu Manager Wood's ombrella for a oane. Offloer Fred Jerry captnred tbe rnao near Macón and took hiin back to Saline wbere Justioe Fisb gave him 90 days at the D. H. C. Nest niorniug he attempted to get ont of the looknp by way of the cellar vsiudow but was detented jast in time to prevent it. He gave his naiue as John Malik.