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The Jury Still Out

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At a late bour yeeterday morning tbe coroner's inqnest as to tbe canse of the Wbitmore Jjake ice honse disaster was resumed. A long and tedions day was spent chiefly in talk by the lawyers and the reading and signing of testimony. Two additional witnesses, Benjamin WilliainH and George Lawrence, were examined bat faruished no material evidence. The statement of Jobn McBride, foietnan oí tbe work, and who was so serionsly injnred, whicb bad been taken before Justice Moss at the hospital, was read. He stated that on the afternoon of the day on whioh the accident occurred be, Todd and Trnmbnll spent some tirae at the hotl looking after the payroll. Then he went t.o the ioe house and olimbed to the top of the wall. While standing there someone, he did not know who it was, called to him that the braces had been removed. He at once ordered them pnt back again, but it was too late. Asked if be had ever ordered the braces removed or had aided in putting them back again, he answered emphatioally "No". He considered tbat the removing of the braces was the canse of the falling of the walls. Admitted to having told Todd on the morning of the accident that as soon as tbe roof trnsses were pnt in position and properly bolted together it wonld be safe to remove tbe braces. Witness did not beliave tbere %vas auy unnsoal wind on that riay. The lawyers told tbe jury that in their opinión no crime had been committed and then at 8 o'clouk in the evening broke off their arguinents to catch the last train for Ann Arbor. The justice dismissed the jnry nntil three o'clook this afternoon, when they will assemble to agree upon a verdiot. This shonld not be so difficnlt a task, as tbe jury were told that their verdiot could not be nsed in a civil aotion for damages, and tbe proseoating attorney bad given it as bis opinión tbat no criminal charge ouuld be brougbt against auynne. The reconstruction of the ice house is going on rapidly and it will soon be completed. The building now is well braoed inside and out with 40-foot arack poles. The men who were injared in the disaster are all doing well and will recover. Seldon E. Miner, attorney for Charles Thorne and Charles Uirard, of Owosso, says that as soon as the inqnesfc is conolnded he wiil institnte two and ptobably three daroage snits in the circuit conrt of Shiawassee connty.


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