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Mysteriously Disappeared

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J. Rice Miner, bookkeeper of the !gan Truss Co., and since the absence of his father John R. Miner, in Cali'ornia, acting secretary of the Bnron Valley Building & Loan Associastion and Ann Albor Savinss Association has disappeared from the city since Jan. 18. Any other reason for his disappearance iban that it is ooe of his nnacconntable eccentricities is nnknown. His booka as secretary of the loan ass├║ciations, housh in a somewbat mixed up conlition, are Uelieved to be all O. E. He iad spoken for a bed at the University lospital aud purposed baving a sligbt urgical operation performed, bnt at he last moment gave np the idea of ├╝oing tbere. He left all his clothiug and personal effects at his rooms. His ntimate friends Bay that he feit some ohagrin at not being elected secretatry of tiis loan" associations, but it is not Down whether that is the canse of his disappearanpe. Mr. Miner disappeared rom Chicago in a similar mannersomeyears ago and it was many months beore his whereabnnts was disoovered and thenit was by the merest accident. John R. Miner bas been oommnnicated with to come here and look after his jusinebs, bot as Mes. Miner is serionsly ill it is not known whether he will be able to come or aot.


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