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Mrs. Sampsen Parker, of Lima, is seriously 111. Tbe Lima Epworth League now nurabers 30 members. T. E. Talladay has purchased the Gordon Begole farm at Stony Creek. David C. Spears, of Milán, has had his pension increased from $24 to 30 a month. Mrs. Henry Heselscbwrdt, of Chelsea, fell a week ago Sunday and broke her left wrist. Tbe Normal collega boys at Ypsilanii, have a brass band of 14 pieoes. C. A. DeWitt is the leader. John Sohieferstein will be the representativa of the Deering Harvester Co. in Dexter the coming season. Miss Alary Breitenbach, daugbter of John Breitenbach, of Lyndon, is dangerously ill with appendicitis at the hospital in Ann Arbor. Dexter K. O. T. M.'s will enjoy a social dance this evening whiob, it is said, will be one of the social features of ihe village for tbis season. A donación at the Congregational churcb, Ghelsea, on Wednesday evening of last week, netted $100 to the pastor, Rev. J. S. Edmunds. Mrs. Alice Yerby, danghter of C. T. Üonklin, of Chelsea, died Jan. 16 at tbe hospital, Ann Arbor. Har remains were bnried in Leslie Jan. 20. An pmpty hoose belonging to Ed. Voree. of Ypsilanti town, was borned Tuesday eveing of last week. Snpposad to have been cansed by tramps. Next Tnesday evening the Choir chapter of St. Lake's cbnrob, Ypsilanti, will produce at the opera house "Tbe Spinsters Fortnightly Clnb, or OldMaids Made Over." The officers of the Chelsea Baptist ebnreh choir for 1898 are: Organist, Miss ADgie Baldwin; assistant organist, Miss Fannie Warner; cborister, Tïank L. Davidson assistant oborister, Miss Ella Barber. Mrs. Rachel Hawkins, of Ypsilanti, eelebrated her 80tb birthday Thursday of last week with a party at the home Of ber daughter Mrs. J. H. Woodman. Tbe combined age of six of the ladies present was 483 years. Wiiliam Cross, a printer in the Ypilanti Sentinel office, was ; whipped liy a woman named Hahn, froin South Lyon, in the preseüce of ' her hnsband, on Thursday evening of last week. Mrs. Hahn claimed that I Cross, had a9saalted her and had already got out a warrant and had him arrested. ■ When the case carne up for trial before ] JuBtiee Joslyn Saturday morning it was Í nolle prossed. ] } I Mrs, Mary K. Heim, of Bridgewater, died Jan. 15, oged 81 years. Marerikisb Gay died at his home in YpsiJanti Sanday night aged 35 years. John Altenberg, ' of Freedom, has been quite sick with inflamination of tbe bowels. Supervisor Hall, of Sbaron, had about 75 fowls taken from bis hen ooop one nigbt recently. Mrs. J. B. Meister, of Freedom, is very low from a spioal tronble which ínay oause her daatb at auy time. Charles Basa, of Sharou, is about to liave his barn raised, a basement put undet it and an addition built on. Mr. Phiíip Feldkauip and Miss Lillie Pfltzmeyer were married at the home of tbe bride's mother in Freedom, ou Thorsday of last week. The Congregational sooiety of Ypsilanti bas decided to build an addition and make improvements on its present ounrch building. It will take $3,000 to do the work. James Young, of Lyndon towusbip, writes ftom iJawson that he has looated a claim on a creek 100 miles above Dawson. A few pans bronght from $1 ta $1.50 apiece. A fire in Aid. George Gaudy's bakery at Ypsilanti did $200 worth of damage Saturday morning. An entire batoh of bread was so badly smoked up as to be valneless Mrs. Charlotte A. Tborus, aged 77 years, died at the resideuce of her daughter, Mrs. J. Maokinley, in Ypsilanti, Saturday. Her remains were taken to Centerville for interment. The Ypsilanti common oounoil bas instrnoted the oity marshal to arrest the first orew of a Miohigan Central train tbat blocks the orossing on Cross st. in that city for a longer time than five minutes. George Riohel's barn in Ypsilanti had the roof burned off Thursday night of last week doing damage to tbe amonnfc of $125. John Miller lost $25 worth of furuiture that was stored in the building. „ ?Z jA" A DuDdea farmer dehorned the beak of a siok female ben so that she now pioks up oom with the betft of her neighbors, and is getting fat. - Milán Leader. Well, now, whoever heard o: a ben being auything else than a "fe male." A farmers' olnb is to be organizad in Lima next Thursday, Feb. 3. Al tbose interested in the projeot are requested to take their lunch baskets along and meet at the residenoe of Mr and Mra. A. J. Easton at 10 a. m. on tbat day.f ..-aS --êtul L Daniel Pierce, who had been a resident of Ypsilanti town for over 50 yaats, died Friday aged 82 years. He had been a Master Masón for 40 years. flis funeral, held Mpnday, was nnder the auspioes of the Masonio bodies ol Ypsilanti. Judge W. D. Harriman, of Ann Arbot, delivred bis leotnre on "Early Days in California" at the Baptist elburoh, Dexter, on Wednesday eveniag, for the benefit of the soldiers' monument fnnd. The Manchester sohool exhibition will take plaoe Friday evening of next week. The program will oonsiBt of vooal solos, dnets, and drill, dnmbbeil drill, reoitatiana, a play from the grammar room and songs from the first and seoond primarles of the ward sofa ooi. Mr. Manson L. Barkhart, of Chelsea, and Miss Huldah Feldkamp, were married Wednesday of last week at the hotne of the bride's parentg Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Fedlkamp, of Freedom, by Ree. .7. B. Meister. Abont 50 guests attended the wedding. The presents were nnmerons. Tbey will reside in Cbelsea. A pleasant reunión of the Litohfield faaoily waa held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Litohfleld in Dexter, Jan. 15. Tbe members of the family present were Mrs. Diokerson, of Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell, of Detroit, Poster Litohfield and wife, of Delhi, Blias Litobfleld, of Jackscn, DeForest Litchfield and wife, of Dexter. Jacob T. Filber, an old and respected merchant tailor of Manoheeter, wbo bad been in poor health for a long time, died Tueeday moming of last week, aged 72 years. He was bom in Kur Hesseu, Germany, and came to Manchester in 1865. He bad worked in New York for 16 years previous to coming to Manchester. His wife, four Nons aud a danghter eurvive bitn. The JNorth Sbaron Yonng People's Debating Society bas been organized witb the fcllowing oföcers for the eusuiogyear: President, Max Irwin ; vicepresideat, Miss Caroline Kendall ; seoretary, Miss Mae E. Dorr. Á committee of six was appointed to write a oonstitution and a program committee was also obosen. Tomorrow evening the olnb will debate tbe qoestion "Rbsoived, that Hawaii be aunexed." Sinoe September last Qeorge J. Nissy, of Saline, bas sbipped 16 carloads of podltry, aggregatiDg 229,020 ponnds, to New York. besides 45,287 pounds of tnriteys and 34,770 pounds of chiokene, ducks and geese fnrnisbed Boston parties for dressing, during tbe same time, making a grand total of 309,077 ponndfl bandled, for wbicb be bas paid the farmers neaily $20,000 in cold cash, beside fnlly anotber $1,000 for iabor, feed, cotnmissions to buyers, etc. - Saline Observer. The Germán Workingmen's Society, of Obelsea, has a membersbip of 99 and last year paid oot for sick benefits $460.71. The offioers for the ensning year are ae f oilows : President, Charles Kaerobor; vioe president, Charles Neubetger; reoording seoretary, Martin Baner; correspoding seoretary, Israel Vogel; casbier and treasnrer, .Taoob Hepfer; trastees, Henry Fiy, Jaoob Schamacher, Matt Sobweickeratb ; pbysioian. Dr. G. W. Palmer ; banuer carrier, Henry Werker.