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Now Its Brussels' Turn

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Brussels, Jan. 25.- Deputy Demblon ntered the vestibule of the chamber f deputies this afternoon, accompanied y a band of Sooialists. The officer in ommand of the guard informed him hat, in pursuance of the president'3 rder, he could not be allowed to ener, whereupon M. Demblon raised fies of "Vive 1' Armee," "Vive la Remblique!" A orowd collected and atempted to rush the soldiers, with the esult that there was a violent scuffle. ,he troops withstanding the mob with fixed bayonets, and a hand-to-hand ight taking place between the Soeialsts and Anti-Socialists. For a time ;he tumult was indescribable and a strong body of pĆ³lice was required to quell the disorder. "Within the chamber of deputies the reatest excitement also prevailed. The Socialist deputies demanded to cnow who is responsible for the vioence of the soldiers toward the deputies. The tumult became deafening and he ministers who attempted to reply were shouted down.


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