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Dorsey bad his Llouks of five anc oairie...

Dorsey bad his Llouks of five anc oairie... image
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Dorsey bad his Llouks of five anc oairied the Indiana election. Tbe field secretary bas his blocks of teu and pro poses to show how mnob greater a pol itician be is than Dorsey was. The Cadillao News and Express trots ont a lornber manufacturer for seoretary of state on the repnblioan ticket in J. ,8. Stearns, of Ludington. We have bad an anti-Pingree miniBter of the gospel in that position, possibly a lumberman will do for a change, espeoially if his langnage be a little more lurid. Afik your repnblioan friend if he is one of the blooks of ten, wbo have been thongbt fit and proper men to be taken into tbe new republican olob. If not, ask hini the reapon tbe promotors of the club left him off their list. Find ont if he is not of too independent a spirit to suit the leaders who are afraid that he may dislike to wear any ruan's collar. News frorn the seat of war in Cuba, or more propeily speakiDg conjeotnres from interested parties, still continue to oonflict. In faot we may believe that the Cuban insnrrection is crnshed or that it is daily gainiug victories, "according as we please, and fiad reasons in the dispatches for our opiniĆ³n. All we do know is that the people of Cnba are starving.


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