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Pingree And Moran

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The astute field secretary of the repnblican post office club of Ann Arbor is angling after the support of the Pingreeites for postmaster and so Gov. Pingree has been invited by him to be the chief star at the banquet to be given in bis, the secretary's, honor on Felirnary 17. Now, if the governor will only repeat the celebrated renaark he made at Buffalo: "Today all the trnsts, all the monopolies, every agency which is bleeding tbe oonntry, has taken refnge tinder the wing of the republican party because they fear the democratie party whieb bas kicked tbern out." If, we eay, tbe governor would repeat -tbia sentence, it wonld nndonbtedly prove a great boom for Muran for the post office. It is so fnll of words of approbatioD for the powers which gave ont the federal offices. And if the governor sbonld oontinue as be did at Bnffalo and say : "So to the repnblican party there flooked daring the past few years many birds of ill omen. audesirable tenants, who are making the hoase so foul tliat tbey are driviĆ¼g oot the rightfnl owuera. ' ' Then ondonbtedly the field secretary's ealling and eJection would be suie. Bnt perbaps Pingree will not say this as the Register's oolninas tbis week were 80 inll of eloquent eilenoe conoeioing the Boffalo speeoh.


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