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Rods, although they may not entirely iprotect a building, may preserve it from "being eeriously damaged. The Jefferson physical laboratory of Harvard university is protected in the following manjier : Each of the chimneys is provided with rods which are connected with conductors running along the eaves. Froni the corners of the roof conductors are led to the ground and are connected underground with a conductor which sntirely surrounds the building and ■which is connected to a permanent water supply at least ten feet below the surface of the ground. Iron pipes are driven to reach this water supply. Th is is as near au approach to a cage as circumstances would permit. A trolley car has a lightning rod in its trolley, which is connected through its motor with the rails and the ground. It is not beyond possibility, bowever, that a discharge descending the trolley arm shouM refuse to go through the motor and should seek a quicker oscillating path through the car. This is not likely to happen often, for the network of the ■trolley wire and the telegraph lines of a town or city, together with the electrio light wires, separate and divert into inany channels the electrical disturbance. The great increase of wires in our cities serves to protect from great dam.age by lightning, for many paths are ffered to the discharges, which are thus broken up into more or lesa


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