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Frightened Away

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"No," said a man who was sitting on a box in front of a grocery store, "I can't say as I know very much about A la ska. " His companions looked at him in astonishment. It was the first time he had ever admitted not knowing much about anythiiig. "I reckon, tben, that you're not thinking about going to dig for gold," said cu e by stander. "No." "MiLbe, though, as the stories of suddeii wealth keep pouring iu you'll change yonr mind," said another. "Ic won't be possible. I've been there. " "And carne back without getting rich?" "Yes. I didn't much more than cross the boundary line tefore I turned around and struck for home." "Scared?" "That's the answer." "What of - polar bears?" "No." "Supplies give out?" "No, I had plenty of food. What changed my plan was seeing a man digging a hole. I had these ideas about gold being found anywhere and everywhere, and I went up thinking to get Eome poiuts about mining. I asked him in an offhand way whether he had struck auy pay dirt yet, and he turned around and glared at me and said, 'Young feller, what do you think I am digging this for?' I told him I thought he was digging for gold. He glared at me again and said : 'Gold notbing. I'm doing this for f uu. I've been living here for four years, and there's one thing that my curiosity bas never been satisfied about. I'm going to dig this hole good and deep so as to allow plenty of room, and tlien flnd out just bow far down this climate will make the cury go.' "-


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