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He Did Not Sell

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Because of the Eames Levy on the E. W. Morgan Estate. To the Editor of the Argus: Dear Sir, - I notice in your issue of last week that I had sold part of my farm to Ben Huehl. Please correct this as the sale did not go off on account of a slight cloud in the title. This "cloud" occurs in this wise: E. W. Morgan and wife gave a quit claim deed of this woodland in Freedom, on section 31, to Franklin L. Parker, Jan. 14. 1873 ; Franklin L. Parker and wife deeded this game land to Charles M. Fellows, May 7, 1880. This deed, as the records show, recites "That upon examination of the records it does not appear that E. W. Morgan had any title to or interest in said land at the time the deed from him and his wife to the said F. L. Parker was executed, to wit, Jan. 14, 1873." And the abstract before me says "The acknowledgment of this deed was taken by E. W. Morgan." Thus it will be seen: First, that E. W. Morgan had no title to the land ; second, that if he bad any himself and wife deeded it to Franklin L. Parker, and Franklin L. Parker and wife deeded it to me. Notwithstanding this, Lucy C. Eames, in a judgment against the administrators of the estate of E. W. Morgan, levys upon this land "with other lands" to satisfy a claim of $145,485.37. There should be a law with a severe punishment for a person who places a "cloud" upon the title of another's property without good cause. E. W. Morgan acknowledged to me that he had no title to the land, and so states in the deed from Parker and wife to me, but there was no law to punish him for breaking a chain of title, nor is there any to punish Lucy C. Eames for breaking up this sale. I learn from the records that there is a vast amount of property in Washtenaw county levied upon to satisfy this judgment, and many a farmer in nearly every township will be as much surprised as myself, upon an examination, of the records to find this levy. Good lawyers tell me this levy cannot be enforced, that it is just a "cloud" and nothing more, but our law makers at their next session should legislate against such clouds. Saline, Feb. 8, 1898.