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Mrs. Mary Lambert died at her home in Supeiior Friday aged 72 years. P. H. Devoe, of Ypsilanti has been granted an original pensión of $8 a montb. Arthnr Casler has leased the W. W. Worden farm in Ypsilanti town and Vrill take possession Maroh 1. The Methodist ohnrcb at Sbeldons bas been oondemned as nnsafe, the foundation walls being in a ornmbling condition. Orsun W. Cady, a former resident. of Ypsilanti, died at Norfolk, Neb., Friday. He was buried in Ypsilanti 2Vlonday afternoon. By the death of his unole Joseph Les Pronoe, in Alontreal, Canada, Edward Les Pronoe, of Ypsilanti, has fallen faeir to the surn of $5,000. Sinoe the new ioe houses have been in oonrse of constrnction at Whitmore Lake the Ice Co. has paid to its employees over $2,500 per week. Tlie Ypsilaati oorrespondent of the Times says: " When Congress st. gets paved, the improvement will look in oonjnnotion witb the cow sheds aboat like a plag bat and a saek coat." While putting wood Thursday of last week, George J. Nissly, the weli known ponltry dealer of Saline, was strook in the eye by a splinter of the v?ood aiid may lose tbe sigbt of it. Rev. J. C. Bnrsiek, of Lake Bidge, who was badly injared by a train at the Lima Northern, at Whittaker, gome time ago, has so far recovered as to be able to be taken to his home. Andcew Minzey, a nine years old boy, of Wbittaker, recently feil and broke bis collar bone. Be is an estremely nnfortanate lad, baving on previoas occasions broken his arm and one leg. Fire broke out in J. H. Miller's store in Ypsilanti sbortly after midnight Snnday, and tbe water ueed in extingnising it snaked his entire stook of dry goods, boots and sboes. Loss oovered by insnrance. In North Sharon tbe preaobers are temporarily dodging the fotnre panishment qnestion. They are afraid wbile the weatber oontinues so oold that any allnsion to fire wonld populariza hades, - Grass Lakfl News. Milo Updike's borses ran away Thnrsday morning. They started on E. Main street and rau west to Union block ou Piety Hill, hanling a heavy milk vebicle loaded with roilk. Oae horse of tbis team is said to bave a record. He helped kill the late F. F. Tncker at Chelsea. - Grass Lake News. Ott Weber, of Freedom, has appendioitis. There were eigbt deatbs iu Ypsilanti during January. Ed. Kleinschmidt, of Freedom, has bad iuflammation nf the lungs. The reoent entertainment given by the Milan sohools netted $56.04. Tbe basiness of Eokert post office, duriog 1897 aiuounted to aboot $110. Farmers in Freedom are paying froru $16 to $0 per moutb for farm hands. John Altenberg, of Freedom, bas lioeu very Bick with infliuamatiou of the bowels. Geo. Reade, jr., of Dexter townsbip, will move on a farm near Anu Arbor (lus spring. Mrs. J. K. Campbell, of Augusta, reorganized tbe Belleville grange Monday evening of last week. Tbe Dexter soliiiers' monument fond is slowly growing. At last accounts it aniounted to $714.0. Rev. .1. A Bartlett, a former pastor of the Saline Presbyterian ohnrch, will lecture there this eveniug. Miss Hattie Lnoas sucoeeds Miss Jessie Doane aa teacher of the egbth grade of the Dexter sohool. Jacob Jedele has bought theNewkirk farm in Dexter fiom Rafas Phelps administrator of the estáte. Miiton Davenport, nf Mooreville, has moved to Milan, where he is agent for the Deering barveating maohineiy. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Saline Baptist charch wlil give a Martba Washington tea Tnesday evening, Feb. 38. Mr. Howard, teaoher of the Willow Rn sohool in Ypsilanti town, bas reoovetpd trom a recent severe attaok of iltnea. Mrs. Magdalena Eokert, wife of F. Eckert, died in Eckert, Wednesday of last week, of pneumonía, aged 41 yeara. Henry Kuhl, of Freedom, aged 93 years, feil while oloaing' a stove door with his foct, and broke one of hia hips reeen tly. Charles Kreitner, of Manchester, lost $800 by the bnrning of a bnilding tfaat he owned in Norvell, Monday of last week. Peter Finch, one of the oldest inbabitants of Franoisoo, died very snddenly Sanday morning, Jan. 30, at the age of 64 years. Miss Carrie Forner, of Sbaron, who has been teaohing school in Sylvan, has bad a severo attack of iuflammation of the brain. Mrs. Ebersole and her dangbteri' Matie and Jessie, of Milan, carne near being asphyxiated by escaping coal gas the other night. Rev. E. W. Ryan will deliver a lectote on "Onr Boys, What to Do With Tfaem," at tbe Milan M. E. chnrch next Friday night, Feb. 18. Dr. R. G. Boone will lecture in St. Luke's Episcopal cbnrch, Ypsilanti, Sanday evening, on " Why Shoald the Teaoher Be a Christian?" Mra. Abbie J. Lobdell, for many years a resident of Manobester, died in Marietta, Obio, 31, of paralysis. Her remains were baried in Manchester, Thursday of last week. Mrs. Wd. B. Usborn, of Sharon, died of cáncer, after a lingering and painfal illness on Jan. 30, aged 65 years. Her bnsband, three sons and two dangbters survive her. Tbe offioers of the Ypsilanti Business Mec's Assooiation for tbe ensuing year are: President, H. D. Wells; vice president, D. L. Davis; seoretary, Guy Davis; treasnrer, W. H. Sweet; attorney, Fred Green. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jerry, of Saline, were presentud witb a haudsome banquet lamp and a chocolate pot by a number of tbeir friends the other night on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of tbeir wedding. The offioers of the Y. P. S. C. E. of tbe Saline Presbyterian cbnroh for the ensuing year are: President, Herbero Walker; vioe president, Miss Lncy Cobb: treaenrer, Mrs. Dr. Chandler; seoretary, Wm. Barnard. The primary and graminar departmeots of the Salino school will give a public Washingron's birthday program in the school hall the evening of Feb. 21. The proceeda will be devoted to proenring more books for the library. A petition is being circulated tbrougb the Normal school, Ypsilanti, to the effect that eaoh student be oharged 50 oenta a eemeeter to support athletics. Then all tbe games and sports of all eorta will be open to students without oharge. C. J. Obersmith, a former Sbaron boy, wbo went west five years ago and setded in Riverside, Cal., is visiting his mother, brotbera and sisters in Sbaron. He is engaged in fruit growing and ranching in that state, bnt will rema in in Miohigan for several montbs. William Walker, of Saline, died at his home just east of the village Weduesday morning of last week, aged 60 years and 5 xnonths. Mr. Walker wan born in Ireland, September, 1838, and carne to Canada when 18 years oíd. Ia 1854 be was married to Miss Mary Belflhaw, who ca me with him to Ypsiiaoti, iu 1866, after seven years Etay at that plaoe tbey carne to Saline where they have since lived. Of a family of 11 ohildron, eigbt are living and with the exoeption of one daugbter all were present when be died. The funeral services were held at tbe house Friday aftomoon. The Ladies' Christian Aid Society of Sjrlven, gave an old faanioned New Ëngiand Rapper at the home of M. B. Millspaugh, last night, wbioh was well attended. Genera] Washington and Lady Washington were represented in ful! oostume; also many of the revolutionary offioers. There was also a muaeuni oontaining many tbinga tbat were used and worn in colonial days. It is expected that several modern ! store fronts will be put iu on Main st, Dexter, wheD warm weather oomes. - Leader. At the auunal meeting of the Iron Creek F. tí. obnrcb Miss Lnoy English was elected clerk ; Frank Stautz, ! nrer; Geo. M. and Jerorue F. Holrne-, trustees; Mrs. Fiaak Stautz and J. W. Wellwood delegates to the convention atOnsted; Miss Florrence Keilam and Albert L). English altérnate deleagtee. Here is a point that if remembered by our looal oelery growers, migbt greatly benefit them. Some years it is a noticeablefaot tbat a large percentage I of the oelery is hollow. The oanse of this is too deep oultivating, thereby distnrbing the roots of the plant and stunting tbe growth. If yon waut to get rid of the weeds take a garden rake or sometbing of that kind, bnt don't disturb the roots. Miss Jeseie Doane, whu bas been tl e teaoher of tbe eigbth grade in tbe Dexter pohool for some years baving resigned her position, was pleasantly surptiseci the other eveuing wben her pupils went to her home and Miss Florence Divine, in bebalf of her soboolmates, piesented their late teaober with a bandsome fruit dish, as a token of their reapeot and esteem. Refieshments were seived and theevening was passed in an enjoyable way.


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