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Test Civil Service Law

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New York, Peb. 8. - Isaac Newman has been appointed deputy collector of intei-nal revenue by Collector Ferdinand Eidman of the third collection .district. The appointment was made for the purpose of testing the fedeial civil servies regulations as applied to positions Of this kind. as it has been held that no deputy in the internal revenue and customs service muid be appointed out of the eligible list of the civil service. The pares haw been tied up on this account and the waittng ones hav grown impatient. It was at lirst at terapted to prevaĆ¼ upon President McKinley to modify the civil service regulations so as to put deputy collectors and offleers of a similar rank in the non-cumpetitive list. The president did not. feel inelined to inierfere and as there seeins to be no hope of havins the civil service law changed by congress at present the politicians ere at their wits' ends how to satisfy their impatient constituents. They resorted to the Newman case as an expedient.


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