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Ottumwa, Ia., Feb. 8. - Joe Alley, who was fataaly shot in his store at Mercer, Mo., just across the line from Lineville, by Peter Kindred, after the latter had shot and killed Andrew Alley, his brother, has succumbed to his wound. Kindred was captured a few miles out of Mercer, while attempting to escape, and lodged in jail at Princeton. the county seat. All day Sunday citizens oí Mercer and farmers of the county began to arrive at Princeton In twos and threes, and as the crowd enlarged the excitement became intense. This was the fourth murder in Mercer county in the past three months, and it was decided by the best citizens of the county that an example of swift justice should be made of Kindred. The Princeton officers became thorougrhly alarmed. and, disguising Kiniired, they spirited him away to Tren ton, Mo., where he is now in jail under a strong uard. Ouarrel Over an Account. The shooting was the result of a quarrel over an account which Kindred owed the Alley brothers, and for which they sued him and obtained judgment. Saturday night Kindred came to Mercer, loaded up with whisky, and calling at the Alley Bros.' store, began abusing them. They ordered him to leave, but instead of doing so he opened fire on both men with a revolver. The first shot grazed Andrew's neck. knocking him down. and as he attempted to crawl behind the counter Kindred shct hini again, the ball striking him in the back. The murderer then turned to Joe and fired. the ball him in the lowcr part of the stomach. Andrew died in ten minutes. An operation was performed on Joe, from which he never rallied. AHhough the murderer is temporarily out of the hands of the mob at present, it is generally understood among the citizens of Mercer that when Kindred is brought baok into Mercer county for a hearing he will not be given the formality of a trial.


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