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Bigest J)ffer Yet The Ann Arbor Argus AND The Twice-a-Week Detroit Free Press Both Papers One Year For Only $ 1 .60. THE TWICE-A-WEEK FREE PRESS te conNEWSPAPEK0 be mCHIGAN'd LEADIN It is publishert on Tuesday ind Friday of pach week, aud is almost oqual to A DAILT PAPER. wn w Remember, thatby takinjradvantaireof this combination, you set 52 copies of THKAtt GUS and 104 copies of THE FREE PRESS foi A 500-PAGE BOOK FREE The Free Press ALHANAC and Weather Forecasts for 1898.. CORRECT. CONCI3E. COMPLETE. Over 20,000 Copies of 1897 Book Were SolL( at 25 Cents. An accurate and superior Book of Reference that tells you all you want to know. Ttaere will not be a ueeless page in it. A Practical Educator and Hana Book of Encyclopedie mformation on subjects Statistleal, Official Historlcal, Political and Agrlcultural; likewiseaBookof Religious Fact, and genera! Practical Directiona on everyday affairs of OfBce, Home and Farm. A eopy of tnisbook wlll be Bent to all subscribing immedlately and sending 15 cents additional for mailing expenses, making $1 7e; n all. The book will be publlshed aboutD'" cember25, 1897, It being imposeible to set it out earlier on account of getting comulete lecords of 1897 events. Copies of the fiook will be sent to all taking ad vantage of tuis oflei', as soon af ter above date as possible Do not delay, but take advantage of tliis remarkable liberal offer which we raakc for 14 Iimlted time only, by special arrangement" with the publishers. Remember we semï both papers a full year for Jl.BO, and you car have a copy of the book by sending ie cent, additional. Address, ARGUS OFFICE, ANN' ARBOR. MICK For Christmas. ja No Smoke, p'-r c ' ■■2+ No Smut, Xo Matches, No Orease, WÈi ts ii- No Pr'ot a n ' ty HHBpCy-iA Modern Light, 1 It is Clean, ï Tt is Scientiñc: SSií To sum it up sS in one word, It íb Sati8factorj-.. Economy is wcaltli, and by its proper exe'reise weare enabled to produce an efficiënt electric lisht for carriagre or bicycle at Uib popular prices, 14.00, ïti.OO and $8.00. Complete with powerful Pocket Battery aml: all aocessories, postpaid. Send draf t or post office order. G. L. SHUMAX. 324 Dearborn St., Chicago. TÍMJCK AND STORAGE C. E. GODFREY. Residence and Office, 48 Fourth Ave., North Telephone 82.


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