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Chancery Sale. In pursuance and by virtue of an order and decree of the Circuit Court for the county of Washtenaw in Chancery in the state of Michigan, made and dated on the 8th day of January , A. D., 1898, in a eertain cause therein pending, wherein John McCourtis complainant, and Timothy Fohey, Anastasia Fohey, John O'Hara, John Coyle and Wiliiam Wagner are defendants. Notice is hereby glven that I shall sell at Public Auction, to the bigbeet bidder, at the south front door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county of Washtenaw and state of Michigan, said Court House being the place for holding the circuit court for said county, on Wednesday the 2d day of Maren, A. D. 1898, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to raise the amount dne to said complainant for principal, interest and costs in tnis cause, all thefollowing described pieces or pareéis of land, to-wit: The east half of the south-east quarter of section twelve (12) and the north-east quarter of seotion thirteen (13), all in town one (1) south, of range flve (5) east, Michigan. Said sale will be made in accordance with' the terms of said decree. Dated. Ann Arbor, Michigan, this fourteenth day of January, A. D. 1898. O. E. BUTTEBFIELD. Circuit Court Commissioner in and for Washtenaw County, Michigan. Thomas D. Keakney, Solieitor for Complainant. bh k raoirs BÁKERI GROCEBÏ AND FLOUR AND FEEO STORE, We keep constantly on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, o. For Wholesale or Eetail Trade. We shall also keep a supply oí OSBORNE'S GOLD DUST FLOUR. I. M. Swift & Oo.'a Best White Wheat Flour, Bye ïlour , Backwheat Flour, Oorn Meal, fted, &c, &c, &c, At Wholesale and Retail. A general stock ot ÜEOOEJIES AND PEOVISIONS constantíy on hand, which will be sold on as reasonable terms as at any other house in the city. 3UCash paid for Butter, Egg;s, and Countr Produce jfenerally. %0 'Goods DeUvered to any part of the city with on extra charcre. Rimei Si Seabolt. FREE FREE FREE A Posltive Permanent Cure í WBAK MEN ! We mail FREE to mankind a recipe of the greatest Restorative on earth (for yonng or old), suffering f rom premature decline from any cause. A Positlve, Permanent cure for Sexual Weakness. Nervous Debility in any form. ITCURED ME. IT WILL CURE YOU This is no scheme to extort money from auyone. When we mail you this recipe we also endose catalogue of our latest Musio Publications, etc, etc. By handing same to someone interested you fully repay us for our trouble. One Cood Turn Deserves Another. If you are a sufferer, write at once for f uil particulars and recipe of this simple remedy that cured me (and hundreds of others). It will (Jure You. Mailed Fbee, in plain envelope. Address STANDARD MUS1C CO., (Mention thia paper). Wabasha, Mlnn. piRE INSURANCE. CHRISTIAN MACK, gent for the followinp; Fint CU Companle representicg orer twenty-eirht Million Dollars AaMti, Ibiqo policiei at the lowratrate ♦♦- ifitna of Hartford $9,192,644.00 Franklin of Pnila 3,118,713,00 Germania of N. Y 2,700,729.00 German-Americanof N.Y. 4,065,968.00 London Asaurance, Lond'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 N . Y. Underwriters, N. Y. 2,596,679.00 National, Hartford 1 ,774,505.00 Phenix, N.Y 3,759,036.00 W8peclalattritlon given te the inauranoe o 1 welling, schools, churches and pnbllc building! term of three and flre rean m '""■"-" REVIVO MWW lk RESTORES VITAUTY. Ífí(WÍMve Man i5thDy.h#r of Me. THE QREAT 3oth Dy. Jtm rtJEHVCJB. ti tmkr'wn y prodnera the above resulta In'3O days. It acti powerfully and quickiy. Cures when all others fail. Young men will regain their lost manhood, and old men will recover their youthiul igor by uBing REVIVO. It quictly and eurely restores Nervousness. Lost Vitality. Impotency. Nlghtly Emission, Lost Power, Failiog Memory, Wastinu Ciseases, and all effects oL sell-abuse or eicess and indiscretion. which unöts one for g'ndy. business or marriage. It not only cures by starting at the soat of disease, but lsagreat nervetonlc and blood bnllder. bringing back the pink grlow to pale cheeks and re storing the flre of youth. It wards off Jnsanity and Consumption. Insist on having REVIVO, no other. It can be carried in vest pocket. By mail 81.00 perpackage. or six íor 85.OO. wlth a pol tive ritten guarantee to cure or refund the monej. Circular iree. Addresi BOYAL MEMCDÍE CO., 271 Watei Ave., CHICAGO. ILL For Bale at Ann Arbor, Mich., by.Eberbacn Drug and Chemical Compuny.


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