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Youthful Burglars

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A serious of petty burglaries in Ann Arbor the latter part of last week and early part of this week, has resulted in a lad 11 years old being sent to the state reform school, and the release of another aged 10 years on suspended sentence. On Friday night Sam Bluntarh's cigar store was entered and a quantity of tobacco stolen from it. Sunday night Eberbach & Son's laboratory was entered, but little if anything was taken. Rinsey & Seabolt's store next received the attention of the burglars, who gained admittance by breaking a pane of glass out of the side window and one out of a window in rear of the store. About $4 in change was taken out of the cash register, several packages of cigarettes and some cigars and fruit. Suspicion rested on Willie Krug and Henry Golz, both of whom had been in trouble before and the former of whom is a regular little incorrigible. They were arrested and promptly admitted their crime and returned most of the money and goods, the tobacco being found in a vault where the youngsters had thrown it. The boys were taken before Justice Duffy on Monday. Krug was sentenced to the reform school until he is 18 years old. while Golz who seems to have been greatly influenced by the other boy, was on the earnest request of his parents let off on suspended sentence. Much sympathy is expressed for Herman Krug, the father of Willie Krug, who has been peculiarly unfortunate. A few months ago he lost his wife, who died of consumption. Dec. 24 he lost his stock of goods and came near losing his life through a gasoline fire, and now his son has been sent to the reform school.