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Real Estate Transfers

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Henry G Koch and wite to Christian Koch, Ann Arbor, $1. Christian Koch to Emma Staebler, Aan Arbor, $750. Frederiek H Belser and wife to J T Keany, Aan Arbor, 1. John T. Kenny and wife to James Harkins, Add Arbor, $1,000. Anna Teufel to Bertha Teufel, Ypsilanti, $1. Charlee .1 Rice to Nelson Rice, Milán, $20. Ypsilanti Creamery Co. to Detroit, Ypsilanti and Aun Arbor Railway Co., Ypsilanti, $1.800. Ellen Volkening to William Stockdale, Ypsilanti, $50. Charles F Bates to Joseph L Rose, Ann Arbor, $1. Charlotte Straight to Rüoda S Ives, ïpsilanti, $1. Rhoda S Ives to Mathias Straight, Ypsilanti, $1. Levi S Freeman to Thomas W Barnes, Ypsilanti. $2,400. A C Freeman to F M Freeman, Manchester, $500. John Dresselhouse to F Breitenwischer, Sharon, $1,900. Thomas J Tbome to S H Smitb, Manohester, $1,800. William H Warner to Fred Q Hasley, York, $100. M E Mohrbart to Albert Wilmont, Ypsilanti, $1,000. Minnie B Davis to D C Griffen, Ypsilanti, $3,000. Arthur L Lamb to Lewis S Warner, Ypsilanti, $1,000. Fred Q Hasley to Harley Gny, Milan, $925. Jobn B Corliss to Wiliam Mamen, Ann Arbor, $100. A L Lamb to Lewis S Warner, Ypsilanti, $1,000. W B Stickney to Olive D Stickney, Ann Arbor, $1. Hugh MoLaughlin to J E Beal, Ann Arbor, $3,012.30. William J Canfield to Horace Loflin, Ypsilanti, $2,100, Charles L Morgan to Samuel Gregg, Saline, $2,850. George Aprill to Charles Maulbetsch, Ann Arbor, $3,115.15. William Vannatter to Jane Vannatter, Dexter, $1. John Burkhardt to George Kingerter, Freedom, $900. Georee Burkhart to Anna K hardt, Freedom, $1. Levi Freernan to John S and W Waterbniy, Ypsilanti, $1,325. John S Waterbury to Lavi Fr88man, Ypsilanti, $1,325. W Schmid to Henry Filber, Manchester, $170. George M Wallace et al. to Henry Filber, Manchester, $50. John Boylan to Mina A Beal, Ann Arbor, $1. Mina A Beal to John Boylan, Aun Albor, $1. John F Eensler to Adam Gehringer, Manchester, $1. Charles H Andnrson to C M Bissell, Ypsilanti, $1. John F Lawrence to TM Cooley, Ann Arbor, $200. Sarah Vedder et al. to Frank L Vedder, Angosta, $1,500. Jobn Young to Jennie Midgley, Ann Arbor, $1,400 Perry Walker to Pheobe Walker, Salem, $200. James L Baboook to Orlando Torrey, Sharon and Freedom, $9,000. E A Aprill to Catherine Andress, Ann Arbor, $2,600. Charles E Hiscock to James E Baoh, Adü Arbor, $1. Ralüh C Whitine to James R Bach, Salera, $1,100. James R Baoh to Mary C Whiting, Ann Arbor, $2,000. James R Baoh to Mary C Whiting, Aun Arbor, $1,000. Mary Renwick to A P Renwiok, Salem, $500. J P McAllaster to J B Steere, Pittsfield, 1150. Mary B Grant to Dexter Billings, Ypsilanti, 600. Ira G Hnut to Byron G Hunt, Manchester, $1. C H Kempf to H I Davis, Chelsea, $175. Ralph C White to E K Palmer.York, $5óO. Aaron Weidmayer to John J Thaler, Ann Arbor. $t)7o. Aaron Weidmayer to Kail A Thaler, Ann Arbor, $950.


Real Estate Transfers
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Ann Arbor Argus
Henry Filber
Charles E. Hiscock
Henry G. Koch
Christian Koch
Emma Staebler
Frederick H. Belser
J. T. Kenny
John T. Kenny
James Harkins
Anna Teufel
Bertha Teufel
Charles L. Rice
Nelson Rice
Ellen Volkening
William Stockdale
Charles F. Bates
Joseph L. Rose
Charlotte Straight
Rhoda S. Ives
Mathias Straight
Levi S. Freeman
Thomas W. Barnes
A. C. Freeman
F. M. Freeman
John Dresselhouse
F. Breitenwischer
Thomas J. Thome
S. H. Smith
William H. Warner
Fred G. Hasley
M. E. Mohrhart
Albert Wilmont
Minnie B. Davis
D. C. Griffen
Arthur L. Lamb
Lewis S. Warner
W. B. Stickney
Olive D. Stickney
Hugh McLaughlin
J. E. Beal
William J. Canfield
Horace Laflin
Charles L. Morgan
Samuel Gregg
George Aprill
Charles Maulbetsch
William Vannatta
Jane Vannatta
John Burkhardt
George Kingerter
George Burkhart
Anna K. Burkhardt
Levi Freeman
John S. Waterbury
W. Waterbury
W. Schmid
George M. Wallace
Dr. John Boylan
Mina A. Beal
John F. Heusler
Adam Gehringer
Charles H. Anderson
C. M. Bissell
John F. Lawrence
T. M. Cooley
Sarah Vedder
Frank L. Vedder
John Young
Jennie Midgley
Perry Walker
Phoebe Walker
James L. Babcock
Orlando L. Torrey
E. A. Aprill
Catherine Andress
James R. Bach
Ralph C. Whiting
Mary C. Whiting
Mary Renwick
A. P. Renwick
J. P. McAllaster
J. B. Steere
Mary B. Grant
Dexter Billings
Ira G. Hunt
Byron G. Hunt
Charles H. Kempf
H. I. Davis
Ralph C. White
E. K. Palmer
Aaron Weidmayer
John J. Thaler
Kail A. Thaler