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Chased Up A Tree And Lived On Possum

Chased Up A Tree And Lived On Possum image
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A uegro, being hotly p.ursued by dogs that were gnarding a farmhouse iu tbe owuer's absence, fled to a swamp and climbed a tree for safety. In telling about it af terward he said : "Yes, suh, I -wnz in a tight place, I tell you. Up dattree I went, an dar I staid fer two days an irights, wid dem dogs keepin guard at de foot. When dey'd git tired, dey'd relieve each yuther, but dey wuz always a couple er dem on duty all de time, so dar I wuz an 'fraid ever' minute 'ud bring de farmer wid bis gun. " "And you had nothing to eat all that time?" "Oh, yes, suh ; I wuz well flx iu. dat respec'. I lived high, so ter speak. " "And what did you live on?" "Well, suh, ter make a long story short, der wuz a possnm up dat tree likewise, an, bless God, he wnz ez 'fraid


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