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The Origin Of "tommy Atkins."

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The name of Tommy Atkins, which is a sobriquet of the British private soldier iu all parts of the world, had au official origiu aud was originally used iu the instructions to noncommissioned officers for purposes of illustratiou as John Thomas is oftea used on electiou forms. Sample blank returns were furnished to show sergeants and corporals aud recruiting offioers how genuine ones should be made out, and Tommy Atkins, private, Compauy B, was the fictitious name always used. Model individual reports were also included iu tho regulations, signed "Thomas Atkins, private, Company B," or "Thomas Atkins, corporal, Oompany O," or "Thomas Atkius, X, his mark." Henee when a recruit arrived at a garrison the soldiers usually addressed hiin as Thomas Atkins uutil they f ound out his real name. Drunken soldiers reported themselves as Thomas Atkius when they were taken to a polioe station until the publio took it up, aud Tommy Atkins became an affeotionate Rvnonvin for the gallant warriors of her ma-ifistv's land torces


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