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Carson And The Buffalo

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Kit Carson -while with Fremont's eipedition had an experience similar to that of a tiger hunter in India wben the tiger hunts the hunter. While hunting to get "meat" for the expedition Carson chased a buffalo buil. On coming up to the bnll's side Carson fired jast as his horse stepped into a prairie dog hole. Kit went 15 feet over the horse's head. The buil, maddened by the bullet, which had struck low under the shoulder, chased the hnuter, who ran toward the river. It was a race for life, a case of nip and tuck as to which should reach the river iirst. Kit got there and leaped frorn the bank just as the buil stopped on the brink, shaking its head. Kit swam round and round. Tbe buil watched. Then a cornpanion crept up, shot the animal, and Kit crawled on shore, skinned the buffalo, cut off its


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