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Notice to Creditors. LTAÏB OF MICHIGAN. COL'NTÏ Ofl Washtenaw, ss. Notioe is hereby jriven, that hy an order oí the Probate (Jourl focth County of Washtenaw, made ou the 21st day of l'ebruary, A. D. të'.)ti, mjc months l'rum that date were allowed lor credltors to present their claims a; the estáte of Daniel S. Milieu, late of feaid County, deceased, and that all creditors of said deceased are re([tiired to present their claims to said ProbateCourt, at the Probate office in theeity ofAnu Arbor, for examlnation and allowance, o ot beforethe üüth dayot August uext, aud tbat suoh claims will be heard bef ore said Oourt, on the2Ist day of May, 1HH8, and on the 20lh day of August, ]898, next, at ten o'clock in theforenoon of eacn of said days. Dated, Aun Arhor, Pebruary 21, A. T. lHfl. H. WIKTNKWKIRK, .Tudge of Probate. 11 -- BONNER'S 1 lwCLEANER II F'llyg MAKES I II A COAT LIKE VELVET 5S No Brush or Comb. iiii Removes clandruff aud dirt. Sure f Prev"''ve against Flies, Flea, 5 Mosquitoes and Llce. Keeps hair Wf fine, soft and silky. A tonic, hair( Er"'er, aids shedding. Cures Miinge, (??( Scratches, stoijs irritation aud rub(i(Z S) Save Time, Feed aiul Money. V Used for Horse, Cow and Dog. Cali on dealer, or wilt ship halt" gallon on receipt of $i.oo. Will clean horse W over ioo times. Satisfaction GuaranL } teel ' cas'1 re''"'"ei' W?T0LED0 SPECIALTY CO., Toledo, Ohlo .SS% Bonncr's _. W Barn Dust __ ïLC; , Disinfectant xYv J' JP" ) ' SS KeepB barn fresh C!Vi Afi1'-' 'J !) ; Hoof Dressing f l{ ( SS55 örower and .m.LíÁ 1_ ,{ SS Conditloner, SJ!'


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